Is 2017 the spring for the transformation of underwear factories?

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-06-04
At the end of the National Two Sessions, everyone in the underwear factory ingorsports discussed more about the transformation and craftsmanship of our entire underwear processing industry! For today, the influence of the entire external environment, the transformation and upgrading of the underwear processing industry as a traditional enterprise is imminent! In 2017, is it the spring for the transformation of the underwear factory processing industry? Let's listen to the Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports, which has been focusing on the processing and production of seamless underwear for 17 years!

In the previous article, underwear manufacturers analyzed the cross-border 'robbery' of the underwear processing industry in the Internet era. In the article, ingorsports underwear factory mentioned that in the current underwear processing industry, many manufacturers report that orders have declined and performance has declined. Beware of cross-border 'robbery'! In fact, ingorsports underwear factory also believes that in addition to preventing external cross-border 'robbery

When it comes to the transformation of underwear factories, many bosses think of investing in Alibaba or Baidu, which means transformation. Some underwear factory bosses have been hand-off shopkeepers for a long time, thinking that the transformation of the company, the network, and finding a group of people will be over, and they don’t care about the development of the entire e-commerce business. Naturally, people are distraught, and everyone has a pot of porridge and mud! Finally, there is no last!

So how can the underwear factory be truly transformed in 2017?

ingorsports believes that the first thing to do is to sort out the company's own structure, customer structure, product structure, personnel structure, management structure, etc., to find out the real core advantages of underwear factories, and to analyze the whole market panorama, focus on energy and funds Give priority to the development of this area, and make this area famous in the underwear processing industry.

As a new type of tool, the Internet still needs to be considered and used properly. The editor also found that many underwear factory bosses, of course, also include other bosses, thinking that the transformation of the enterprise is to recruit a few e-commerce personnel, and it is enough to get it online. For example, some bosses want to use the Internet to increase the popularity of their underwear factory, look through his circle of friends, but never have an overview of his underwear factory, and also euphemistically say that his circle of friends cannot be advertised... Really very Speechless, even if you want to use the Internet to make your company famous, you have to work together...

The underwear factory really wants to transform in 2017. It is not a simple act of talking. It can be done by recruiting two people. You have to sort out your products, your selling points, and your customers... Even with the help of the Internet, you have to be personally involved in the early stage. Which products should be used as the main promotion, selling point, customer focus, etc. Prepare these text and pictures , you don't need to do it yourself, but you are also involved in it. The train starts, come and bring it!

So, whether the underwear processing of underwear factories can usher in the spring of transformation in 2017 depends on the pattern, vision and action of the owners of underwear manufacturers!

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