Introduce a few kinds of set design and collocation knowledge

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2020-05-12
For friends like sports, sports are you looking at, may tend to focus on the game show is wonderful, but for show in front of an audience athletes excellent skills, except without the usual training, another not allow to neglect details, is uniform. Such as the adoption of athletes wear this kind of sportswear fabrics is comfortable, design is reasonable, such as track suits, what should be considered in the design will not affect the athlete's legs long-span action, etc. , in addition to tie-in appropriate, the following several common sport suit small make up for all summary of design and the collocation of knowledge. 1, the ball set which is equipped with shorts head dress. Ball sports clothes need to put a certain amount of loose. Basketball players generally wear vests, while more of the other ball games wear short-sleeved blouse. Football jersey with v-neck, volleyball, table tennis, football, badminton, tennis and so on clothing collar attached is adopted, and on the outside of sleeve trousers blue and red striped side line. Tennis unlined upper garment is given priority to with white, woman wear a super short skirt. 2, suit of track and field athletes to wear vest, shorts. General requirements vest stick put oneself, shorts are easy to stride. Sometimes legs large-span action, for does not affect the athletes also vents on both sides of a sewing or let out a certain degree of loose. Vest and shorts with knitted fabric, silk production is also useful. 3, fencing sport suit foil competition coat, outer with wire winding and electricity, once the sword stab, electric device that will light the referee; Insulating layer with the nylon fabric, in case of sweating; Armor for mask, made from high strength wire mesh, two ear cushion cushions; Pants are long and had a few centimeters, combined wear stockings, not trousers. Fencing clothes should be reduced volume, as far as possible to reduce the chance to be hit. Fencing clothes first pay attention to the body, then to be portable. Made of white fencing, gloves, pants, tops, surface protection of stockings, shoes. General with thick pads, leather jacket, hard plastic, and metal protective layer, to protect the shoulder, chest, back, abdomen, and the right side of the body. According to the foil and sabre, and epee swords, sportswear protection layer of slightly different requirements. 4, weightlifting sport suit weightlifting athletes wear thick solid tight vest or short sleeve blouse, match with straps shorts, wide leather belt around his waist. The belt width should not be more than 12 cm. 5, gymnastics suit gym suit on the premise of guarantee athletes technology play freely, to display the beauty of human body and its movement. Men generally wear a full-bodied white trousers vest, trousers, a former creasing straight, and elastic in sewing, and also can wear tights. Women's wear knit tights or even the socks, and choose good scalability, color bright, shiny fabric production.
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