instagram star loses 70,000 followers after stopping posting bikini and fitness pictures

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-15
It seems that every \"influencer\" who posted fitspo on Instagram has another activity that promotes physical enthusiasm.
At least one Instagram star from fitness to selflove -
Despite this, she lost 70,000 of her fans. Sophie Gray -
Whose handle is @ wayofgray-
She has said why she no longer posts her own photos in a sports bra or bikini, but likes to eat pizza and cookies.
Shared a gray photo on an Instagram account promoting women\'s fitness titled \"nothing feels better than fitness,\" she commented, \"Actually, from experience, i\'m the one in this picture . . . . . . I know pizza and cookies taste better.
Next to the screenshot, Gray explains why she stopped posting her fitness photos.
\"There are six bags and gaps in the thighs that won\'t make you happy,\" she said . \".
\"Pizza and cookies are so delicious.
I\'m tired of women being told they have to do anything but themselves in order to be happy.
Gray admits that she has been \"in the fitspo industry\" for years and she still encourages people to exercise and take care of their bodies, but she already has enough knowledge of the concept of fitness inspiration.
She is now promoting \"self-love over six packs\" and explaining how her current lifestyle is balanced, something she would not have recognized before herself.
\"Today I had breakfast, went to the farmer\'s market and had chocolate almonds, lunch and donuts,\" Gray wrote in a recent article . \".
\"I also plan to exercise and go to the dog park for dinner.
She explained that she was upset by trying to meet the strict standards of fitness influencers.
\"Because, if you always think you have to be enough, you will never be.
But if you can wrap your head around the truth that you are fully enough, then freedom is waiting for you.
\"But changing her Instagram account has caused her number of followers to decline from 430,000 to 360,000-
However, the number has risen to 384,000.
However, Gray points out that the fact that she was praised for being honest on Instagram shows the world we live in.
\"It\'s sad because on social media, filtered photos are the norm,\" she wrote . \".
\"It\'s sad because it\'s unique to really celebrate yourself.
It is sad that, as women, we blindly accept the fact that who we are actually is not worth being seen.
Gray said she was \"upset\" about the matter \".
So should we.
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