insta-model hannah polites posts viral ‘cringe’ baby mama dance video

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-09-04
Model Hannah Polly posted a video of her dancing in Insta, Gold Coast
Celebrity Hannah Polly\'s video of \"Baby Mom Dancing\" has gone viral.
Source: InstagramA pregnant and heavy Australian Instagram star released a funny video of her dancing and giving birth this week.
Hannah Polites is a Gold Coast Instagram celebrity with more than 1 loyal fan.
She has 3 million people in her account. The self-
Frankly, \"pregnant fitness fans\" are looking forward to her second child with her husband, Grant smore.
She is currently 36 weeks old and if fans want to see a video of her shaking baby online, she will ask them to vote.
Hannah asked fans if they wanted to watch the video before posting it.
Source: instagramapently is clearly consistent.
Source: InstagramAfter got an overwhelming positive response, Hannah decided to dance with her husband and their daughter Evaliah in her bedroom, it was a great idea to have some fun, she can also give birth.
Hannah is wearing a blue sports bra and comfortable pajamas, her beautiful baby lump appears on the show, and she jumps in the couple\'s bedroom with the popular Imitation Song \"Baby Mom\".
The video quickly gained 25,000 views in just seven minutes after it was first posted on Instagram.
Source: According to The Courier, InstagramThe video is very popular, it recorded more than 116,000 views in an hourMail.
As her family mimicked her every move, Hannah tried everything from twisting in bed to cleaning with her husband\'s floss, and their daughter giggled around them
\"Just Dance the way I work,\" she wrote . \".
\"Really can\'t walk after doing this.
Hannah and Grant took it as a camera and fans loved it.
Source: The InstagramThe family danced in the room and brought fun to Hannah\'s Labor.
Source: InstagramHannah put a flinch label on her photo, calling them dancers.
Afraid though.
This video is very valuable and goes viral online with over 328,000 likes and hundreds of reviews from people who really like the incredible dance moves of models.
\"It should be bad, but I really like it,\" one wrote . \".
Apparently, Garth is more passionate about shooting family dances than his wife.
Source: InstagramHannah told The Courier
She saw the \"Baby Mom\'s dance\" trend on social media and noticed that other mothers were trying.
\"We all like to dance and just want to get involved,\" she said . \".
\"I gave birth to my daughter on the 37 th week of next week, it\'s just getting your body ready for delivery, it\'s just a little fun.
Hannah has been pregnant with her second child for 36 weeks and will be born any day.
Source: InstagramPeople marked it as \"the best video in history\" and hundreds of people said they couldn\'t stop watching.
Others couldn\'t believe Hannah had convinced her husband to participate.
\"How did you let him do this? !
Ask one person.
Another user said, \"you are born for each other!
According to Hannah, in fact, gas is more passionate about shooting videos than I am.
The video quickly gained 25,000 views in just seven minutes after it was first posted on Instagram.
Source: most people are surprised that Hannah can move so well at 36 weeks of pregnancy.
\"I don\'t think people appreciate this baby\'s mother\'s dance like you did when you were pregnant,\" one mom wrote . \".
\"I look tired. You go mamma.
Hannah said to the fans, \"I couldn\'t walk . \"
The social media star said she could barely walk after her \"baby mom dance\" course.
Source: Instagram star InstagramThe said she was completely surprised by the reply to her video.
She told the Courier: \"It was very positive and I received a lot of information about it from people who said they liked it and I didn\'t get any negative messages --\"Mail.
\"My daughter and I did some dance or fitness videos because she loves to dance and once you put the music on her she would dance as naturally as if she didn\'t dance at all.
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