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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-31
Nike\'s latest sports bra is an engineering miracle.
Using Flyknit technology, which is usually reserved for sneakers, the bra consists of only two pieces of fabricother Nike Inc.
The bra can have up to 41 separate parts intertwined
And promise to provide solid support at the stadium or gym.
The researchers spent more than 600 hours conducting biometric tests, recording movement on the camera, and making body maps to develop the latest weapons to defeat women.
A sports bra arms race broke out between sports shoe manufacturers.
In May, lulululemonathletica Inc.
Released a new crossover design called Enlite, built in-
In cups and bonded underbelts, in fabrics that are more like brand sweat --
Yoga pants are more disgusting than traditional bras.
Last year, Victoria\'s Secret launch of flexible sports equipment.
Startups such as Knix Wear and OMsignal have also joined the competition, offering alternatives to the dominant big brands.
Sports bras, as a clothing category, grow by more than 20% a year. over-
About $3 a year.
5 billion in the United StatesS.
According to A. , 2016T. Kearney.
At the same time, people buy less and less traditional padded bras, so bras
Manufacturers are scrambling to adapt.
Young people especially like sports bras.
2015 survey by consumer research firm NPD Group Inc.
This data shows that 41% of millennials have worn sports bras in the past week, compared with 21% for older women.
Today\'s bra has different active cups and different degrees of compression
All of this is to explain how the female body moves in sports.
The new fabric adds functions such as moisture absorption and sweat removal, ventilation and moisture prevention
Smelly property
The big question is whether the effort to make the bra more comfortable is real innovation or just another gimmick.
\"Because of the technical specifications and the fact that it does need to perform more than any other outfit, you don\'t see a lot of distractions,\" said Liz Dunn, chief executive of retail and brand consultancy TalmageAdvisors.
\"If you ever venture out in a bad sports bra, you never want to do that again.
The situation is terrible.
\"Why is it so hard to make a good sports bra?
Unlike other necessities such as shirts and boxers, performance is necessary.
Because there is no muscle to control their movements, a female chest scan can cause discomfort in physical activity.
The researchers are in the beginning stage of studying how the breasts move in motion and how best to support the breasts.
These efforts are complicated by the shame of studying the breasts.
Then the fact is that there are no two breasts.
Even the same woman.
The location, size and density are exactly the same.
Therefore, science does not exist even for brands that want to provide a bra with perfect design.
The designers of the new iteration of the sports bra try to make them look better than the old ones and move with the wearer.
For those women who are used to wrestling with insufficient clothing, it is a welcome news that they feel severely compressed and restricted.
But it\'s not easy to design a better design.
The first regular sports bra came out in 1977.
It includes two sports bands sewn together.
Now with the new fabric and technology, the bra maker will be back on the drawing board.
A. Manik Aryapadi, head of the retail business, said intimate clothing companies were caught off guard by the surge in sports bras, which sports companies also took advantage. T. Kearney.
Labels like Victoria\'s Secret and Hanes don\'t have research and development investments or capabilities from Nike or Armour Inc.
When Victoria\'s Secret launched its own unique sexy collection in 2013, more and more women were inclined to wear sportswear as a regular outfit, sparks Derst, and began to rethink the sports bra.
The company\'s sports bra was originally designed to allow women to show cleavage in the gym.
Sharen Jester Turney, then CEO of the brand, said the company wanted to solve the \"uniboobproblem problem, on this issue, your sports bra makes you look straight-no, she said in an interview with Bloomberg on 2013.
Soon, sports apparel launched more scientific products.
In 2015, Under Armour announced a production line with three levels of support and gel plug-ins, which added comfort.
A year ago, Nike launched the Nike Pro bra collection and offered an online try-on tutorial.
The line is in partnership with Loughborough University, one of the few academic institutions to conduct clothing research.
The bra race has become worse recently.
This month, lulululemon sued Under for violating patents and trademarks and raised objections to the four bra styles sold by its competitors.
More than 30 appearance design patents.
The corners are centered around bra straps.
The straps of different configurations, wrapped around four thin straps on the back of the sports bra.
Yoga apparel retailers say Armour is also selling similar designs. In the complaint, it was added that \"Under\'s unauthorized conduct has and will continue to cause irreparable damage to lululullemon and its operations, unless subject to limitations of this court.
\"Suit Lululemon declined to comment on the matter.
The representative of Under Armour did not respond to requests for comment.
Regardless of the outcome of the suit, as the industry starts to attract the public, this pair of suits will definitely continue to introduce new brasmarket labels.
As sports brands continue to seize the position of industry leaders, mid-
First-line players like Target Corp
H & M Hennes & MauritzABwill will make a profit by selling cheaper versions, just like when leggings become fashionable.
Some sports bras in the Old Navy can be bought for only $8.
There\'s only time left for Amazon. com Inc.
Yali Abadi said he showed up at the party.
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