Ingor underwear factory teaches you to prevent the deformation and discoloration of women's underwear with these 2 tricks

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-06-03
Women's underwear that has not been worn for a long time is easily deformed, discolored or even moldy. Especially for some women's underwear with special meaning, it is natural to lose it. So is there any way to prevent women's underwear from being deformed and discolored? Ingorsports, a manufacturer specializing in seamless women's underwear for 17 years, teaches you to do these 3 points to ensure that your women's underwear will not be deformed or discolored.

1. Folding and storing of women's underwear requires attention to methods and skills.

The deformation of women's underwear is mainly caused by irregular storage and folding. Ingorsports underwear factory suggests that when we collect and fold women's underwear, we should 'follow the trend' according to the shape of the underwear, and do not twist the underwear too much, otherwise it will easily cause the deformation of the underwear, which will affect the shape of the women's underwear. Then when storing, ingorsports underwear factory recommends that a special underwear storage counter can be set up under conditions, so that it is not easy for other clothes to be squeezed and deformed.

2. Ladies' underwear should be stored to prevent moisture and mildew.

The collection of women's underwear has achieved anti-deformation, and should also pay attention to preventing discoloration and mildew. How can this be done? In fact, it is very simple. When we are going to pick up women's underwear, we should pay attention to the underwear being completely dry. We can put desiccant in the storage closet. At the same time, remember to take it out to dry regularly, and don't store the underwear in a sealed plastic bag. In this way, it can effectively prevent women's underwear from absorbing moisture, discoloring and becoming moldy.

In addition, ingorsports underwear factory also reminds you that you must keep away from insect repellents when storing women's underwear, because underwear and insect repellants are easily brittle, slack and lose elasticity after being in contact with the air for a long time.

Women's underwear is the second best friend in life in MM, how to take care of it carefully, in fact, it should be done with heart! Ingorsports underwear factory also hopes that our sharing can be helpful to you! For more information about women's underwear, please continue to pay attention to the news of our ingorsports underwear factory! Or call: 13777902292

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