ingor underwear factory reveals the secret of cleaning women's underwear, these 4 ways are bad

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-06-03
Women's underwear, as MM's close-fitting clothing, is easily infected with viruses because of private contact with the body, so ingorsports underwear factory also reminds everyone that women's underwear should be changed and cleaned every day. So how to clean women's underwear to be safe and clean? ingorsports underwear factory tells you that these 4 ways to clean underwear are bad!

1. Wash the outerwear and underwear together!

In fact, this is a common knowledge in life. Women's underwear cannot be washed with outerwear, socks, etc., which can prevent bacterial cross-infection. There are as many as 3,200 bacteria per square inch of human skin. If the clothes are soaked and washed together, it is easy to cause cross-infection of bacteria between clothes.

2. Women's underwear is thrown directly into the washing machine!

Some MM use the washing machine to wash women's underwear in order to save trouble. If the washing machine also washes other clothes besides underwear, ingorsports is actually very unsafe. It is best to sterilize the washing machine before washing underwear. At the same time, for women's underwear with steel rings and cups, choose a special laundry net, and put clothes in only half of the laundry net.

Speaking of this, ingorsports underwear factory recommends that it is best to wash women's underwear by hand, and wash with warm water at about 30-40 degrees, which can well control the strength and avoid washing of women's underwear.

3. Abuse of bleach or disinfectant to clean women's underwear!

As mentioned above, women's underwear should be sterilized as close-fitting clothes. Many MMs think of cleaning underwear with bactericide or bleach, but it is not! Ingorsports underwear factory reminds you, don't go to the other extreme. Although cleaning women's underwear with bleach or bactericide has a better effect of removing yellowing and sterilization, the consequences are too irritating and harmful to the human body. Therefore, the underwear factory suggests that MM can choose some cleaning liquids specially designed to clean women's underwear!

4. Directly wash the cleaning drops on the women's underwear!

When cleaning women's underwear, don't directly drop the cleaning liquid on the underwear like other clothes, because this will easily cause the color of the women's underwear to fade and damage the fabric fibers. The correct washing method is to put it in the basin first. Add a certain amount of Wenzhou, drop an appropriate amount of cleaning solution, and then soak the underwear in it, wait for three or five minutes, and then manually scrub.

How? Ingorsports underwear factory reminds you of the 4 requirements for cleaning women's underwear, have you recorded them? For more information about women's underwear, please continue to pay attention to the news of ingorsports! ingorsports has been focusing on the manufacturer of seamless underwear for 17 years! Hotline: 13777902292

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