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Ingor underwear factory mentions that it is very important to choose the material of women's underwear in summer

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-06-03
It's summer, and MMs on the streets and on the beach can always win people's attention by wearing sexy lingerie. But women's underwear only pays attention to good looks? the answer is negative. So in summer, how does MM choose the women's underwear that suits her? Today, ingorsports underwear factory will teach you to choose women's underwear from the material in summer.

In summer, because the weather is hot, the body sweats a lot. So when MM wears women's underwear, of course, it is not easy to be too thick. Thin and comfortable women's underwear is naturally preferred. At present, the more popular women's underwear materials on the market are cotton, silk, chemical fiber and other materials. So what are their characteristics?

1.Cotton women's underwear

Cotton clothing has always been recognized as a natural ideal material. The cotton fiber women's underwear has special characteristics such as sweat absorption, good air permeability, washability and durability, and is very popular among people. Therefore, ingorsports underwear factory suggests that MM can choose one or two cotton underwear for summer.

2.Silk Ladies Underwear

With the improvement of people's living standards, silk women's underwear has also begun to enter people's lives. Silk women's underwear feels light, beautiful, soft and smooth. So it feels very comfortable to be close to the skin in the hot summer. At the same time, there are two relatively good characteristics of silk women's underwear, that is, hygroscopicity and breathability are also very good, so ingorsports underwear factory believes that in the hot summer, it is a good choice to choose several silk women's underwear.

3. Chemical fiber women's underwear

Due to the high material cost of pure natural silk or silk women's underwear, women's underwear made of chemical fiber fabrics should be born from time to time. At the same time, women's underwear made of chemical fiber fabrics is soft to wear and has various colors, so it is very popular among the public! Because the raw materials of women's underwear made of chemical fiber are extracted from high molecular compounds or nitrogen-containing compounds such as coal, petroleum, natural gas, etc., it is easy to cause allergic reactions to the body when worn on the body. After wearing it for a long time, the body is prone to itching, pain, redness or blisters and other symptoms.

Summer is a hot season, and it is also a season when MM needs to pay attention to protecting their bodies! Therefore, ingorsports underwear factory sincerely hopes that MM will choose the appropriate women's underwear while paying attention to the body and grace!

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