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[ingor underwear factory] Do you know these 3 major minefields of women's underwear cleaning?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-26
As MM's intimate clothing, women's underwear is in direct and intimate contact with the body. How to properly wash to keep women's underwear clean? Ingorsports underwear factory reminds you that there are three major minefields in cleaning women's underwear, you must know.

In the previous article, ingorsports underwear factory teaches you to clean women's underwear correctly. You should also pay attention to these 2 points and ingorsports underwear factory reveals the secrets of cleaning women's underwear. These 4 ways are not necessary. The article also briefly describes the precautions for women's underwear cleaning. In real life, there are three major minefields that are often encountered when cleaning women's underwear.

1. Minefield 1: Change and wash women's underwear after they accumulate too much before washing.

This is a common situation for many MMs. Some MMs are busy during study or work, and the women's underwear that they have changed are often piled up together. Wash them together for a few days or a week, which saves trouble.

ingorsports underwear factory reminds you that experiments have shown that the underwear is stacked together for a long time without cleaning, and the more easily the stains penetrate into the fibrous tissue of the material, the more difficult it is to clean. At the same time, the more bacteria will grow, and it is usually difficult to clean it at one time. Wearing this kind of women's underwear on the body can easily cause itching of the skin.

2. Minefield 2: Use a lot of washing powder to clean women's underwear.

Washing powder is what we usually use to wash clothes. But you know that washing women's underwear with laundry detergent can be quite harmful. This is because the washing powder is soluble in water and has a strong alkalinity, the dissolution process is exothermic, and the dissolution is also fast. Long-term use will make the fabric of women's underwear hard, and we know that washing powder is actually a synthetic lotion, which has the advantages of strong washing power. The disadvantage is that the washing power is poor, so washing women's underwear with washing powder will easily cause the lotion to remain on the underwear.

About this point, I believe many people have seen that after some clothes are washed with washing powder and dried, white stains appear on the clothes, which is actually caused by the washing powder not being able to be washed completely.

So ingorsports underwear factory recommends MM to use some laundry detergent when cleaning women's underwear.

3. Minefield 3: Disinfect women's underwear with disinfectant after washing!

Some women love cleanliness. After washing women's underwear, in order to be more 'cleanIn fact, this may backfire.

We know that detox can kill bacteria because it contains hypochlorite and strong oxidants. These ingredients are harmful to human skin. If you use it to sterilize women's underwear, there will inevitably be some residual ingredients sticking to the women's underwear. When MM is worn on the body, the body will sweat, which will inevitably cause physical discomfort.

So ingorsports underwear factory reminds you once again that you can clean women's underwear and dry it in the sun. Don't be smart, it will be counterproductive.

About how to clean women's underwear, combined with the 6 precautions mentioned above, I believe it will be helpful to you! I also sincerely hope that it will be helpful to you. For more information on women's underwear, please contact the ingorsports underwear factory for information! Or call: 13777902292

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