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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-06-03
Sports bras, also known as sports bras, wear sports bras when exercising to prevent women's breasts from being hurt during sports and fitness. Nearly 70% of beauties with breast enhancement know that they have sports bras, but they don't use them, mainly because they don't think it's necessary. Ingorsports has always been committed to becoming a leader in the sports bra industry. The material of processing sports bras is absolutely environmentally friendly and absolutely safe. It is committed to taking the route of middle and high-quality sports bras. The products have always been processed and produced according to Japanese quality requirements. Here are some precautions for wearing a sports bra for your reference!

Among the women who have the habit of wearing sports bras, 70% of them said that the main reason for choosing this type of bra is to reduce the degree of breast shaking, and nearly 50% of them are to avoid the relaxation of the chest due to exercise.

During running, bouncing, etc., the breasts will vibrate and shake. If you don't wear a sports bra, your breasts will swing wildly involuntarily, permanently damaging the elastic fibers in your breasts, causing your breasts to sag.

Some beauties with breast enhancement even strain the soft tissue and pectoralis major muscles because they do not use sports bras for exercise, and even have difficulty breathing. When breast enhancement beauties feel chest pain, some people first think of breast disease or orthopedic problems, and few people realize that the breast may be hurt by strenuous exercise. [1]

The sports bras developed by ingorsports underwear factory are novel in style, excellent in workmanship and rich in variety. Every time they enter the market, they can cause a buying frenzy. Welcome to learn more about ingorsports products!

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