Ingor Sportswear's 'Real Execution' Sharing Session

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-21
On Thursday, the breeze and the sun, Ingor Sportswear stopped working for one day. Everyone gathered together, standing in a military posture, forming a queue, surging with passion, working hard for a common goal; facing the scorching sun, the semi-military training was in full swing. This is a training sharing session within our Ingor Sportswear, which aims to improve the cohesion of employees' execution and Ingor Sportswear. All the family members of the company are divided into seven teams, PK with each other, and promote each other. They trained in the factory in the morning, and showed their training results on the stage of the hotel in the afternoon to decide the overall champion and win the grand prize. There are all kinds of faces in the team. Although some elderly aunts and uncles don’t understand these queue movements, they can still see on their faces that they can’t bear to give up their efforts, trying to keep up with the pace of others. We are touched. , so we are a team. The short half-day training time is far from enough to achieve perfect results, so when the results are displayed, mistakes are made frequently; but the partners in the audience give us applause again and again, and they are not secretly happy because they are not the same team. , We were moved, it turned out that we are a big family. In the evening, at the end of the day, when the team championship was announced, we all knew that there was only one champion, which meant that the remaining 6 teams were not eligible for the championship. Before the game, their respective captains swore:“If you can't win the championship, you will be punished voluntarily”. No accident, said in the chief instructor“Does anyone want to be punished?”At that time, there was no deserter, no complaints, and they kept doing push-ups until they were exhausted. Even girls had to be women and men. I think this is the responsibility, no excuses. I once saw a saying“Sharing weal and woe is nothing, the key is to be able to share happiness after sharing weal and woe”. The most surprising thing tonight is that the Falcons who won the championship will use all their 4,000 yuan bonus for the company dinner. This kind of selfless sharing spirit really moved us. After thinking about it, I realized that it was unexpected, but also reasonable, because we are all Ingor Sportswear people. Finally, in a“my buddy”And ended the day of sharing sessions with a big meal. On this day, we roared like chicken blood, just to show the highest morale; on this day, we saw the passion belonging to Ingor Sportswear people, the cohesion of Ingor Sportswear people, and the company's commitment to every employee. The hard work we have put into our growth has also seen the company's high expectations for our growth!
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