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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-09-10
It's the once-a-year collective play season of Ingor clothing customization company. This year is very different from previous years. In previous years, the company organized to go to a place to play, pure play, more leisure, just to see the scenery, everyone Have some fun. However, in July this year, the company organized an expansion activity. At the end of July, we all drove three hours to Xunliao Bay, Huizhou, and expanded at the first stop here. After half a day of expansion, all Ingor people have witnessed the strength of our team. The first expansion activity is the team is divided into four squads pk. Each team received the same props and transported the ball to the end point. In the activities that this team cooperated with, everyone worked together very well, and the overall performance was very good. Everyone also found a trick, how to transport the most balls to the destination as quickly as possible. The second expansion activity is trusting the back fall. This is to experience the completely different feeling when standing below and looking at the person above and when you are standing above, so as to understand the reason why each person’s position in the work is different and the feeling is also different. At the same time, learn to conquer yourself and dare to trust your peers and subordinates. The third expansion activity is the Graduation Wall, which reflects the cooperation of the entire team. Under the rules of three rigid requirements, the men of the team will sacrifice to be human ladders, be protection, and be helpers to pull everyone up. During this activity, how many of us This violation caused the captains to be punished, and the team members below were very moved, which inspired everyone's unity, and then everyone helped each other. You pushed me and pulled, and successfully completed this event in a time beyond everyone's expectations. After the event, everyone was very, very tired, but they still did not give up and insisted on following their own team. This spirit is very touching. After returning to the company, everyone was deeply touched and recalled the whole expansion activity. Everyone could talk about their thoughts at that time and their current experience. My colleagues hope that there will be such an activity next time, so that everyone can communicate with each other. And the opportunity to work together, really experience the power of the team. In the whole activity, the team bonus link was added, so that everyone in the team can actively contribute to their own team, so as to stimulate everyone's potential and condense the strength of the whole team. Let's see what other customers are using it!·Southern Poly Group·Baiyun District Education Bureau·GAC Toyota Co., Ltd. 24-hour customer service hotline: If you are interested in or have any questions about the above sportswear manufacturer group purchases, please click the online customer service on the right side of our website, or call: 4008-098-078, Ingor ——Your whole-hearted procurement consultant. ------ Responsible editor: Team sportswear customization consultant Thank you for your support for Ingor sportswear, Ingor will definitely keep in mind, this cooperation can be achieved, I really want to thank the person who contacted us The client, although not the last one, but his efforts in the middle. Ingor can feel it. You give us a chance, we will return you a success!
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