Ingor Sportswear's 2016 annual meeting ended perfectly

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-10
On the 23rd, it is a happy day for all the staff of Ingor , because on this day we held the Ingor 2016 annual meeting, which is not only an annual meeting, but also a feast of joy and food. All the staff of Ingor sportswear company have come up with their own unique skills, let's take a look together! This is the venue being arranged. The background wall is a bright red, which means that Ingor will be prosperous in the coming year. Recognizing outstanding employees, let us congratulate them together, seeing them win awards makes me envious, we must work hard. It's time to eat. This is the moment I look forward to the most. Let's enjoy the food to the fullest. In the last part, a high-pitched song sings that Ingor 's tomorrow will be better. This annual meeting is the grandest and most successful one in the history of Ingor sportswear manufacturer company. From planning to perfect ending, it is inseparable from the efforts of every Ingor person. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to them here. Wishing Ingor better and better in the days to come.
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