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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-21
Ingor Sportswear·When the house was relocated, Ingor Sportswear was filled with a festive and graceful atmosphere. The relocation to the new home is full of divine grace, and the owner of the high-rise building is full of love. Set up ambitions and create great achievements to add color to the country, and set lofty aspirations to write the spring and autumn and the sun and the moon. Lion Dance Congratulates Housewarming Ingor Sportswear·The business is booming and the house is booming, and Taiyun is always in a wealthy family. The lion enters the house and gets rich, and the lion goes out and prospers. Company Local Ingor Sportswear·The wealth is abundant in the Hua Hall, and the rising sun is coming; a kind of auspiciousness, thousands of miles of peace. Qiao’s house is happy, and the world and people are happy; Xinju is honored, and Fu, Lu, and Shouquan are honored. Housewarming Dinner Ingor Sportswear·Vientiane renews Jianhuatang, the spring breeze is sitting, and the new house is full of friends; Jinhuatang is still diligent, and the weather is updated when moving to the new house. New company address Company new address: Block D, first floor, No. 71 Shatai Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou Remarks: The company is located at the junction of Guangzhou Huancheng Expressway and Shatai South Road, backed by Qiaole New Village, Tianhe District, Guangzhou. Diagonally opposite the Guangdong Youth League School.
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