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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-21
The weather in March is pleasant, the spring is warm and the flowers are full of greenery, which is very suitable for going out for spring. Say goodbye to busy work and devote yourself to the outdoors. The wind is blowing softly, brushing away the burnout. Walking into the mountains, the fullness of life has been more fully displayed. beautiful scenery“Clothes”People, Ingor Sportswear 2019 spring and summer new products are on the market, escorting your spring journey and providing a better wearing experience. Different series, let you switch freely, technology and fashion coexist, elegant in the world, feel the infinite possibilities brought by continuous transformation! The perfect combination of technology and sports, using high-tech seamless integration technology, creates unprecedented sports wearing comfort, and the skin-friendly soft fabric pushes the wearing experience to another level. Find the rhythm of the movement and open the rhythm of the body. Using super soft silk fabric, it feels comfortable and skin-friendly, and uses ingenious craftsmanship to create a high-end fashion that will never fade. Using imported ice silk fabric, the comfort brought by cool technology is self-evident. Whether it is the seamless fit technology of the placket, the three-dimensional magic hot stamping on the cuffs, or the high-quality hidden buttons, the quality of ingenuity is reflected everywhere, keeping up with the trend of the times. Only by transforming our own cognition can each of us see the world from a new perspective every day, find new values, and gain a new way of life and hope from it. Only by continuous transformation can we reach a higher peak. In pursuit of fashion and fashion, Ingor Sportswear is more focused on the control and following of fashion trends. Let every customer find their favorite self, and let fashion be everywhere in life. Let the fashion of walking accompany you! As long as you walk, you can meet the good. Slow down the fast-paced pace of the city, use the most primitive and instinctive way of walking to calm down the mind, have a dialogue with the self in the depths of the soul, gain positive inner energy, and find the most authentic self while walking. Because of migration, migratory birds spread their wings and fly thousands of miles, and have their own persistence and persistence in their goals. Ingor Sportswear accompanies you all the way through rain and mud, calling on the awakening power within and chasing the sun all the way. Inherit Chinese culture and carry forward the national brand! Ingor Sportswear advocates the concept of green environmental protection design, expresses the importance of green environmental protection with practical actions, and strives to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Walk in the world calmly and gracefully, fighting the difficulties and obstacles encountered on the road. Those who have the courage to overcome all difficulties are the real powerhouses in the world! Inspired by the wonderful aurora, the sky is splendid, like the Holy Spirit. Combining ancient legends with modern design, it is dreamy and real. The design inspiration comes from the map of China. The color blocks represent different regions of China. Combined with the free bird flying happily, it shows the authentic texture of modern life and exudes a fresh atmosphere of the times. Ingor Sportswear has so many product lines, there is always one for you! Take advantage of the spring, put on Ingor Sportswear clothing and go out!
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