Ingor Sportswear Helps the First 'Rural Revitalization Cup' Football League in the Hometown of the Ball King-Ingor Spo

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-11
In June, blood and sunshine collided with passion. We met for football in Hengpi Town Ball King Park and went to a passionate match. Wuhua is the birthplace of modern Chinese football and the hometown of world football king Li Huitang.“blood”place to enjoy“Hometown of the Ball King·home of football”The reputation of Ingor , as the exclusive clothing supplier of this event, was invited to attend the event to appreciate the athlete's demeanor on the court. In order to further promote the development of rural mass sports in the new era, it fully demonstrated the healthy and upward mental outlook of sunshine sports and leveraged sports events to help rural revitalization. On June 18, 2022, the first session of Hengpi Town, Wuhua County“Rural Revitalization Cup”The grand opening of the football league is the first rural revitalization football event. You can feel the deep football culture at the scene. Wang Weidong, the second-level inspector of the Provincial Sports Bureau, Wang Dongbing, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee, director and trade union chairman of the Provincial Rising Group, is the brand of Ingor . The founder, Mr. Luo Kui and other relevant leaders of various units, as well as representatives of the organizers, organizers and support units of the event attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony kicked off with the solemn national anthem. Then the athletes wearing Ingor clothing took the oath and looked around. The staff of Ingor brand clothing can be seen everywhere. Casual and stylish, it has become a beautiful scene on the scene. This football league will welcome more than 300 participants from 19 village teams in Hengpi Town. The latest 7-a-side football competition rules In the next 5 months, they will compete fiercely on the field of Qiuwang Park in Hengpi Town. Ingor , as a company specializing in team sportswear, will play a leading and leading role in national fitness. Use high-quality clothing to help competitive sports continue to move to a higher level, promote mass sports to continuously increase the popularity and coverage, and help Meizhou football work to a new level. Let's cheer for Meizhou football together!
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