Ingor Sportswear helps the 4th Guangdong Youth Sports Carnival to be a complete success-Ingor

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-11
The 4th Guangdong Youth Sports Carnival and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Youth Sports Exchange Activity was held on March 30, 2019—It was held at the Guangdong Provincial People's Stadium on March 31. Yesterday, the carnival event ended perfectly with the cheers of everyone! Ingor , as the vice president unit of the Youth Sports Federation, also contributed to the success of this carnival! The host announced the opening of the carnival and the guest seat asked: Which of the following young ladies is a staff member? I believe that sharp-eyed friends will not admit their mistakes. That's right, this work clothes is the fourth consecutive Youth Sports Federation uniform provided by Ingor Junjia. If you feel good, you can call 4008-098-078 directly, and Ingor will customize it for you. World Champion Yang Jinghui x The host interviews the children's dragon dance performance staff Miss Sister Guangzhou Ingor Supplies Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 and independently established“Ingor ”brand, and established a marketing network system centered on Guangzhou and radiating to major cities across the country. It is a professional group-buying customized sporting goods company integrating design, production and marketing. Ingor , as a sporting goods service enterprise,“Team sportswear manufacturer customization experts”for their own responsibility. Over the years, we have been focusing on providing personalized customization services for government agencies, school groups, enterprises and institutions, assisting in designing exclusive products that integrate our own elements, and customizing sportswear and equipment required for a unified image, so as to jointly realize our respective needs and dreams! Excellent organization unit of the Youth Sports Federation, officially certified. The Youth Sports Federation Carnival has been held for four consecutive sessions. The first three sessions were only used as a uniform provider, but this time, Ingor is also preparing interesting activities to interact with parents and families. . Entering from the upper entrance of the stadium, the first position on the left hand is the bunting and display stand of Ingor , which is particularly eye-catching at the scene, just like a beautiful scenery. The staff is arranging the booth of Ingor nervously. There is an endless stream of parents who come to participate in parent-child fun activities, and accompany their children to complete one parent-child project after another. Companionship is the longest confession. Do you want to stand on the props and do a set of fists? Kangaroo parents, for the sake of the children, they also fought with two people and three legs. When the parent-child tacit understanding is tested, a happy game comes to grow up happily. Ingor , not only has clothing group buying and customization, but also professional event planning, tailor-made solutions for enterprises. All agencies, enterprises and institutions are welcome to consult.
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