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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-11
From December 26th to 28th, the 21st Guangdong International Sporting Goods Expo and the 17th Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao International 2020 jointly hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Home Affairs Bureau, and the Macao Special Administrative Region Government Sports Bureau The Sporting Goods Expo (hereinafter referred to as the 2020 Guangdong Sports Expo) was held in Area C of the China Import and Export Fair Complex, and the three-day sports industry event came to a successful conclusion. This year's Guangdong Sports Expo will“Smart Sports Innovative Development”As the theme, through product display and concurrent activities, it will demonstrate the power of the current sports industry's smart integration, innovation drive, and cohesion. It has built a platform for the sports industry to integrate display, communication, and commerce, and discussed the current situation and future trends of the sports industry with the industry. At the 2020 Guangdong Sports Expo, wisdom and innovation will be everywhere. Although the epidemic has brought a certain impact on the sports industry, with the implementation of policies such as national fitness, the development of the sports industry has also been upgraded and iterated. Opportunities, there are still many bright development directions in the sports industry in the future. As a company specializing in team sportswear, Ingor made its appearance at the 2020 Guangdong Sports Expo, marking that the Ingor brand has taken a strong and firm step again. In this sports industry event, Ingor demonstrated the strong strength of the brand, and further expressed the determination of the Ingor brand to take root in Guangdong, face the whole country, and go global! ▲Mr. Luo Kui (middle), the founder of Ingor brand, took a group photo with Li Shanshan, the Olympic gymnastics champion. ▲The leaders of Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau visited the booth of Ingor and encouraged them. Trivia! The pictures in front are high-energy, and a big wave of beautiful pictures is coming! ▲The high-level exhibition hall of Ingor ▲There is an endless stream of customers who come to learn about the Ingor brand ▲Introduce the Ingor brand to customers ▲Waves of customers come to learn about the Ingor brand Recognition At the venue, Ingor saw long-term cooperation customers wearing our Ingor clothing to participate in the exhibition, namely Guangdong Gymnastics Skills Association and Guangdong Youth Sports Federation. Their team all wore custom-made sportswear from Ingor , which perfectly displayed the unified image of the team and gave a sense of cohesion. ▲Guangdong Gymnastics Skills Association wearing Ingor ▲Guangdong Youth Sports Federation 2020 Guangdong Sports Expo wearing Ingor clothing has ended successfully, but Ingor is still exploring new directions for future development High attention and trust from all walks of life. Ingor will continue to focus on team sportswear and contribute to the healthy development of the sports industry!
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