Ingor Sportswear helped the National Diving Championship, and the world champion Xie Sizhen won the championship again! |Ingor Sportswear Company News

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-21
The opening ceremony of the 2018 National Diving Championship and Asian Games Trials was held in Shantou, Guangdong on June 14. As a national event, this competition has been highly valued by provincial and municipal leaders. The tense and exciting competition attracted many Shantou citizens to watch. Leaders participating in the event included Zhou Jihong, Chairman of the Chinese Swimming Association, Wang Yuping, Director of Sports of Guangdong Province, and Zheng Jiange, Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Shantou City, and other important leaders attended the event. Organizer: Chinese Swimming Association Organizer: Guangdong Sports Bureau Shantou People's Government Co-organizers: Guangdong Ersha Sports Training Center, Guangdong Youth Training and Competition Center, Shantou Sports Bureau Operating Unit: Longjie Sports The venue for this event is located in Shantou Municipal Swimming and Diving Hall, this venue is the competition venue for the diving event of the Ninth Games in my country, and was awarded the Shantou training base for the Chinese diving team by the State Sports General Administration. This competition is the highest level and largest competition in my country. It is also a big training before the Asian Games. About 338 athletes from more than 20 teams from all over the country compete on the same stage. It is also a battle between the national team and the provincial team to win the championship. At the scene, Xie Sizhen and other world champions gathered in Shantou to participate in the competition. Former Olympic diving champion Mr. Yang Jinghui also served as the deputy chief referee in this event. He was wearing a white Ingor Sportswear referee uniform and was in high spirits. At the moment of the competition, the women's team took off neatly, gracefully jumped in the air, and made a perfect fall into the water. The men's team's double test was to cooperate with the vigorous posture to collide with passionate splashes. Shantou local diver Xie Sizhen and his partner Cao Yuan led the way. In the end, he won the double 3-meter springboard championship. Xie Sizhen (left) Ingor Sportswear Luo (middle) Cao Yuan (right) Ingor Sportswear played an extremely important role in this event and was responsible for the provision of stadium clothing. Including on-site staff, off-site staff and volunteers, as well as our impartial and impartial jury. The smooth running of the event depends on the enthusiasm and serious attitude of the staff and the responsibility of sticking to the post one by one.“Minions”Volunteers are working diligently and responsible for maintaining the order of the arena. Practical action helps the National Diving Championship. The prototype of the white referee clothing, the prototype of the Minions clothing, the prototype of the staff clothing, the prototype of the Ingor Sportswear clothing is fashionable and stylish, and the clothes are made of environmentally friendly and healthy fabrics, which are skin-friendly and soft, and have an excellent touch. With high-quality clothing, it has won unanimous recognition and appreciation from the competition unit.
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