Ingor Sportswear entered the 10th National Ethnic Minority Traditional Sports Games

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-10
The 10th National Ethnic Minority Traditional Sports Meeting was approved by the State Council and undertaken by the People's Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The opening ceremony was held in Ordos on August 9, 2015. The Games consist of two categories: competitions and performances. The competitions include fireworks, pearl balls, wooden balls, kickball, shuttlecock, dragon boats, bamboo floats, swings, crossbow shooting, spinning tops, gargoyles, high-foot racing, skateboard racing, ethnic martial arts, and ethnic wrestling There are 17 items such as gram, Qilixi, Ge, Beiga, stumbling, Xirimu), equestrian (ethnic horse racing, walking horse, horse shooting, horse archery, horse picking hada), and national aerobics. About 140 performance items are expected. The picture shows the sportswear suit worn by the athlete representative Urina, which is the Ingor 2015 summer sportswear manufacturer“lotus pond moonlight”The 58332 warm red section of the series and the 27750 white/red trousers. The picture shows the Zhejiang delegation entering the venue at the opening ceremony. The sportswear they wear are 29995/29996 Sky Blue and Happy Orange from Ingor . The picture shows the scene of the camel ball game. The sportswear manufacturer worn by the female players is the 58332 Passion Red from Ingor . Ingor sportswear company always pays attention to China's sports trends and responds to the country's“National fitness, you and I go together”call to“Leading brand of fashion group clothing”for their own responsibility. Over the years, it has focused on providing sportswear and equipment for government agencies, school groups, enterprises and institutions, etc. for a unified image. Provide personalized clothing customization. Assist in the design of exclusive products that integrate their own elements, and jointly realize their respective needs and dreams!
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