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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-09-11
On September 8, 2019, the 11th National Ethnic Minority Traditional Sports Meeting opened at the Olympic Sports Center in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. This National Games has set up 17 competition events and 184 performance events. There are 34 delegations and more than 7,000 athletes from all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Chinese People's Liberation Army and Taiwan. In this National Games, Hebei Province sent a delegation of 389 people, which is the delegation with the largest number of participants and the largest number of participating projects in Hebei Province in the previous National National Games. Among them, there are 269 athletes (156 in competition events and 113 in performance events). Hebei delegation wearing Ingor custom clothing Jilin delegation wearing Ingor custom clothing The 11th National Minority Games, Ingor joined hands with Hebei delegation and Jilin delegation to gather in Zhengzhou to go faster, higher, stronger arena. The theme of this year's Games is“The Chinese nation is a family, marching into the new era hand in hand”, 56 ethnic groups played the joyous song of the era of equality, unity, mutual assistance and harmony. 34 delegations appeared in colorful and dazzling national costumes, and the 30-second stop performance was full of national elements and unique local characteristics. The 'Ruyi' series of the same sportswear of the Hebei delegation to the 11th National Minority Games combines the elements of the Winter Olympics snow Ruyi, ice ribbons and Chinese dragons as design points, reflecting the sports spirit of combining traditional Chinese culture and sports. Ingor has always adhered to the original design of Chinese style. The 'Ruyi' series launched this season has integrated the unique elements of the Chinese nation. The Chinese style design elements are combined to present a luxurious and bright Chinese style visual feast. The strong ethnic style coincides with the current National Ethnic Minority Games and is deeply favored by the Hebei delegation. The picture above shows the sportswear manufacturer of the Hebei delegation for the National Games, customized by Ingor . The same style of sportswear for the Jilin delegation of the 11th National Minority Games This four-way stretch windbreaker is casual and fashionable. It can also be worn at the opening ceremony to look exquisite and fashionable. The refreshing blue is like the cleanness of the blue sky. It is deeply impressed and has become the favorite style of the Jilin delegation. The picture above shows the sportswear of the Jilin delegation for this National Games, customized by Ingor . Guangzhou Ingor Supplies Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009. Since its establishment, Ingor has focused on the customization of sportswear suits such as sportswear customization, sportswear group purchase, and clothing customization, and provides group clothing customization services for countless groups. Determined to produce the best team sportswear suits in China, and be the best custom clothing manufacturer. Finally, I wish the 11th National Ethnic Minority Games a complete success, and also hope that the Hebei delegation, Jilin delegation and other provincial delegations will create good results.
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