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Ingor Sportswear 2019 Qingyuan 'Passion' Tour-Ingor Sportswear

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-21
Such a great river and mountains, such a great time, take advantage of this summer vacation, let the Ingor Sportswear family travel together! where to? Of course, I went to Qingyuan to play in the mountains and water! In the hot summer, it is definitely the first choice to escape the heat. Let's start the journey~DAY1 Expand the team building Ingor Sportswear people to clarify the team's goals, enhance team spirit and team awareness. It can improve the cohesion of the Ingor Sportswear team. Work together, advance and retreat together. After the camouflage Ingor Sportswear Corps entered the base, the personnel formed a small square formation and filed out under the guidance of the coaches who expanded the base. Afterwards, each team painted the team logo, team name, and slogan for their respective team flags, and took turns to wave their flags on the booth, slogan, sing team songs, and form formations. DAY2 Touring Mountains and Playing Water ended the team building activities on the first day, and the Touring Mountains and Waters mode on the second day was also opened. Breathe in the fresh air of the green mountains and feel the clear and cool water of the green water~ The mode of traveling in the mountains and waters is activated in the laughter of the pretty boys. Sitting together in a canoe to travel the mountains and rivers, the green mountains and green waters are neighbors. The refreshing air separates Puxiu, and the oblique light shines on the people of Ingor Sportswear. La la la~ Queue rafting brother, I heard that rafting is very exciting, I'm a little nervous, a little nervous, don't be afraid, rafting is cool and my heart is flying. The Qingyuan two-day and one-night tour ended successfully. Friends of Ingor Sportswear, are you tired of team building and expansion? Are you happy with the mountaineering lookout? Isn't rafting water thorns exciting? Anyway, the editor wanted to do it again, but now I feel sour all over! Friends of Ingor Sportswear, have fun and have fun. The next silver eight gold, nine diamonds and ten, we must work hard to make the performance soar, and the whole house is full. In this way, the little friends can go skiing in winter! do you want to see“Northland scenery, thousands of miles of snow”? think! ! If you still look at your phone, go and move bricks.
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