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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-09-12
The Ingor 2019 New Year's Party Ceremony came to a successful conclusion last weekend at Qingyuan Fogang Country Garden Qingquan City Hot Spring Villa. annual meeting with“Create a win-win situation, be grateful”As the theme, it reviewed the hard work of Ingor over the past year and the struggle of all partners to work together. The annual meeting was full of splendor. Please follow Ingor to relive the strong atmosphere of the scene at that time. ▲This is where our annual meeting will take place, with beautiful mountains and rivers and clusters of villas. Drinking foreign wine, eating a big meal, and staying in a villa is a real joy in my heart. ▲After the division of labor and cooperation of the Ingor family, the venue of the annual meeting has been arranged, and we are going to have a blast here. ▲I don’t usually have the opportunity to sign your name at the event site like a star? Come and come, Ingor will help you to the wall, please sign your name here. ▲The characters can be signed very scribbly, but the posture of the signature must be handsome! ▲Dangdangdang, the host wore a gorgeous costume specially created by the designer team of Ingor . Cool clothing style, there is a kind of rush to debut in the C position. ▲Ingor people sang the song hand in hand, the singing was loud and clear, and everyone was passionate in the familiar melody. ▲In the speeches of the leaders, the development history of the Ingor brand is vividly seen, and it stands out among many peers. In addition to heartfelt thanks, there are also ardent expectations for everyone. At the same time, it also guides us in the right direction on the road to move forward without fear of wind and rain. ▲Ingor thanked every family member for their perseverance and companionship, and gave awards to the family members who made outstanding contributions. This is the moment when the company's employee seniority award/annual outstanding contribution award is awarded. Needless to say, the highest honor tonight belongs to you. ▲The strength of Ingor is inseparable from the support of its partners. With your high-quality suppliers as the strong backing of Ingor , the product quality of Ingor has reached a new level, and finally it can appear with excellent quality in front of customers. ▲Various lottery draws pushed the annual meeting to one climax after another, and the prizes, big and small, were happily brought home. ▲With a song“a lovely family”The music sounded, and the annual meeting came to an end. Everyone held hands and sang a song together. Every note beat the melody that Ingor people loved each other. ▲Let's raise our glasses and wish Ingor a better tomorrow! Although the annual meeting is over, Ingor 's pursuit of excellence has never stopped. Over the years, we have been focusing on providing sportswear and equipment required for a unified image for government agencies, school groups, enterprises and institutions, providing personalized clothing customization, assisting in designing exclusive products that integrate our own elements, and jointly realizing their respective needs and dreams!
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