ingor seamless underwear factory: Tai Chi master was beaten on the floor for 20 seconds and blew his head too much! still is......

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-06-03
In the past few days, it is the 'Tai Chi Master' Lei Gong and the 'fighting madman' Xu Xiaodong who have been fighting for half a year. Lei Gong was K0'd in 20 seconds, causing an uproar on the Internet! It also surprised the editor working in the seamless underwear factory ingorsports!

Speaking of traditional martial arts, people's minds will come to those 'masters' in film and television works, sweeping a large area and blocking a hundred with one! When I was a child in the seamless underwear factory, I also imagined that it would be nice to have such a master for a while! However, in reality, in a video a few days ago, 'Tai Chi Master' Lei Gong and 'Fighting Maniac' Xu Xiaodong had a fight for half a year, and Lei Gong was knocked out in 20 seconds!

Why is this happening? I also thought about it for a long time! In fact, the key lies in the lack of actual combat in traditional martial arts! Gradually degenerate into a show-stopping show and become an old-age aerobics...

As the saying goes, 'Cowhide is not bragging

There are too many examples of this in real life. Take our seamless underwear factory as an example. It is often seen on the Internet or in newspapers as 'the first in the industry of the best seamless underwear factory, with strength**The quality of the products produced by the seamless underwear factory can't be better.'... Euphemistically called 'marketing packagingAs a result, it harms customers and consumers!

Compared with some seamless underwear manufacturers that rely solely on packaging and marketing, Guangzhou ingorsports seamless underwear factory is a real strength manufacturer. 17 years of focus on the field of seamless underwear processing, 330 imported equipment (120 Italian imported knitting machines + more than 200 Japanese imported sewing machines), 350 employees, independent research and development capabilities, daily production of 60,000 pieces, products meet European and Japanese standards Quality requirements....

Which is the best underwear factory in the previous article? Recommend ingorsports because these 3 points are a series of numbers, which is the real strength of ingorsports seamless underwear factory. We do not produce one piece of seamless underwear products, we provide you with thoughtful service and solve your problems! Or you are suspecting 'blow'! We welcome you to visit the seamless underwear factory and negotiate. Of course, you can also visit the official website of our ingorsports seamless underwear factory for more details!

Through the incident of being beaten up for 20 seconds by a Tai Chi master, the editor is even more convinced that no matter it is a seamless underwear manufacturer or each of us, only down-to-earth and hard work is the king!

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