Ingor reveals whether you should choose seamless underwear with or without rims

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-06-03
Today, I received an inquiry from a friend: 'Xiao Ding, aren't you working in the ingorsports underwear factory? You are making seamless underwear without rims, so what's the difference between rimless underwear and women's underwear with rims? What kind of women's underwear should we choose...'

With the rise of people's love for sports and fitness, seamless underwear without steel ring is more and more sought after by people, but there is still a large category of women's underwear with steel ring in the market, so what should MM choose? Ring underwear or underwear without steel ring?

In the previous article ingorsports told you what is the difference between seamless underwear and seamed underwear? The article also tells you the difference between seamless underwear and seamed underwear. In fact, let's first distinguish between seamless underwear and seamed underwear, underwear with steel ring and underwear without steel ring, you will understand.

What we usually refer to as seamless women's underwear belongs to underwireless underwear, because it is formed from yarn to finished sample at one time. And underwire underwear is another name for our traditional women's underwear. Because of its long history, and at the same time, women's underwear with steel rings can make MM's deep V stand out and show off its career line, so it has a relatively large market share.

About whether to choose underwire underwear or women's underwear without underwire? Ingorsports underwear factory believes that the following aspects should be considered.

1. Different ages have different choices of women's underwear.

For girls who are in the developmental period, ingorsports underwear factory recommends choosing more seamless women's underwear. Because at this time the MM chest has just begun to develop and is in the growth period. Therefore, choosing a rimless women's underwear can provide a good space for the growth and development of the chest, so that the chest can grow freely; for young women, ingorsports underwear factory suggests that you can choose according to your own needs, but for leisure sports, ingorsports underwear The factory still recommends you to wear more seamless women's underwear without steel ring; then for older MM, ingorsports underwear factory recommends choosing underwear with steel ring, which can correct the MM's chest shape and keep it sexy and beautiful.

2. Different chest shapes, different choices of women's underwear.

If the breasts sag or expand outwards, ingorsports underwear factory recommends that you can choose women's underwear with steel rings, which can have a good gathering effect; for MM with relatively straight chests, you can choose seamless underwear without steel rings. Because it is more comfortable!

3. The scene is different, the choice of women's underwear is different.

Speaking of the scene is actually like dressing. Different scenes choose different clothes, so it is the same to wear women's underwear. Different scenes choose different women's underwear. For example, on weekends, traveling, walking, playing sports, of course, it is better to choose women's underwear without steel ring, so that you can relax your body and mind; Choose underwire lingerie to make your body look more concave and convex.

So, should you choose to wear underwireless or underwire underwear? Ingorsports underwear factory recommends that you can prepare several pieces and choose according to your needs. ingorsports underwear factory is a manufacturer specializing in seamless underwear for 17 years, with European quality and domestic price! For more information about women's underwear, please call: 13777902292

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