Ingor Knitting teaches you how to choose seamless underwear manufacturers at the exhibition

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-06-01
Ingorsports, a manufacturer specializing in seamless underwear in 17 years, was also invited to participate in the 121st Canton Fair Underwear Exhibition. I also hope that through this underwear exhibition, we can really find some manufacturers who are looking for seamless underwear production and processing, so as to do the production and sales of underwear factories throughout the year. a comprehensive plan. Then, for customers who want to find a suitable seamless underwear manufacturer through the exhibition, they are also faced with how to choose a suitable manufacturer.

ingorsports has developed so far and has participated in many underwear exhibitions. With the development of the times, the effect of the exhibition has become less and less obvious. There are more and more underwear manufacturers participating in the exhibition, but the number of customers has not increased. Customers who come to the exhibition are also faced with not knowing how to choose a really good underwear manufacturer.

ingorsports believes that if you are really looking for a seamless underwear manufacturer, and you have the opportunity to come to the exhibition site, you should naturally visit the site. At the same time, ingorsports suggests that before you look for a seamless underwear manufacturer, you should have a clear idea of u200bu200bthe products you want to make, the manufacturers you expect, prices, services, etc. You can prepare some styles or pictures, bring business cards, etc. Compare and initially screen some seamless underwear manufacturers that you think are good, and make a good record of basic information.

Back to the hotel in the evening, you can re-organize the seamless underwear manufacturers you learned during the day. Nowadays, the network information is so developed, so you can first find the manufacturers through the Internet, or other media to find the manufacturers. You must learn more about them. This seamless underwear manufacturer, check whether the information on the Internet is consistent with what you have communicated and learned, and compare more. You have to go back to the actual situation to understand all aspects, and go to the seamless underwear manufacturer for an on-the-spot inspection. Through the visit and negotiation, verify again whether this manufacturer is the manufacturer you are looking for.

Generally, underwear manufacturers have invested a lot of energy to participate in such a large-scale exhibition, so the exhibitors of underwear manufacturers will also follow up and invite you to visit the factory soon. Then you can make samples first, feel the production and service capabilities of underwear manufacturers, and then further judge whether this seamless underwear manufacturer really meets your requirements.

ingorsports, from the experience of participating in the exhibition for so many years, to find seamless underwear manufacturers, you must shop more, see more, and compare more, and learn more about the combination of offline and offline. One of the most important points must be offline. Underwear manufacturers can investigate and negotiate, understand the production capacity, research and development capabilities, etc. of underwear factories, as well as processing samples, first small batch production, etc., and finally find the underwear manufacturer that suits you!

If you are planning to come to this Canton Fair to find manufacturers who want to process seamless underwear, you are also welcome to visit our ingorsports booth, booth number 6.1 K02 is waiting for you! Tel: 13777902292

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