Ingor Knitting Talks Internet + Underwear Factory You Must Know These 5 Features

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-06-01
Nowadays, underwear factory + Internet is nothing new in the underwear processing industry. Ingorsports underwear factory has also started to use the Internet to transform with the help of Internet media a few years ago. Internet + underwear factory online and offline O2O mode is also imperative. , it is more and more difficult to rely solely on a certain platform on the Internet to sell underwear factory products.

Compared with traditional marketing channels, the five characteristics of Internet + underwear factory are what every underwear manufacturer must know if they want to access the Internet.

1. Internet + underwear factory has a lot of information and fast speed.

There are many channels on the Internet, and all the media transmitted through the Internet can be used as Internet channels. With the popularization of smart phones, people have become a source of self-media, which has also caused the flood of Internet information, so underwear Manufacturers want to use the Internet to spread their brands, find customers to find orders or sell products, they must constantly update information, and release corresponding information in the form of customers as a habit. At the same time, because the Internet is a huge sea of u200bu200binformation, underwear factories want to use the Internet to quickly reach users' vision, they must do a good job in subdivided fields, and at the same time do a good job in marketing planning.

2. Internet + underwear factory interconnection, interactivity.

TV media, renting stores in the market, participating in exhibitions... are the main channels for underwear factories to contact customers to find orders in the past, and they are also the main marketing channels adopted by most underwear factories, and the input cost is relatively high. However, with the rapid development of the Internet in recent years, fewer people watch TV, fewer people visit the market, and even fewer people participate in the exhibition. So where did the client go? Because another major feature of the Internet is interconnection, because of the Internet, customers can find the underwear manufacturer they want without leaving home, a phone call, an email, a courier... A lot of unnecessary waste of time is saved. . This is also the main reason why underwear factories must access the Internet. Where the customers are, our information must come out.

3. Internet + Cost Control of Underwear Factory.

We know that the traditional marketing channels of underwear factories mainly rely on TV media, renting stores in the market, participating in exhibitions, newspapers... The input cost is also relatively high, and the effect is getting worse and worse. A great feature of the Internet is that it is free. There are a lot of free resources available online. At the same time, as long as you learn to spend money online, the investment cost is relatively much lower than the cost of developing customers through traditional channels. Of course, as more and more underwear manufacturers access the Internet, the cost of entrants' online investment will inevitably increase.

4. Internet + statistics of underwear factory.

We know that the expansion of the traditional channel business of underwear factories is carried out by the experience of the boss or the boss's wife to a large extent, and there is no exact data as a basis. The Internet is different. As long as the underwear factory is really spread out on the Internet, every piece of information that finds the underwear factory through the Internet channel will leave a trace, which is called traffic. Each platform system can accurately count how many users have seen each advertisement, as well as the time distribution and geographical distribution of these users, which helps operators to correctly evaluate marketing effects and review marketing strategies. Provide a reliable basis for the future development of the underwear factory.

5. Internet + high efficiency of underwear factory.

In today's era of information explosion, time is money, people pursue higher efficiency, and at the same time drive the whole society to a faster rhythm. When underwear manufacturers push information to users through the Internet, users can find the information they need without leaving home. At the same time, with the use of various Internet tools, the communication efficiency between customers and underwear manufacturers is also faster, more efficient and more intuitive.

The pattern decides the ending! As the decision-makers of underwear factories, they must have a pioneering vision, strive to pursue and adapt to the changes of the times, and don’t just want to keep their own one-third of an acre of land. It is not your competitors that may eliminate you, but you Your own thoughts, in the previous article, the underwear manufacturers' analysis of the cross-border 'robbery' of the underwear processing industry in the Internet era is also worth reading again and reflecting deeply!

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