Ingor knitting talks about underwear processing and proofing

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-06-01
The editor has been at ingorsports for a little more than a year. Through the past year, I have been exposed to underwear processing and all aspects of underwear production. I can’t say that I have a comprehensive understanding of the details of the entire underwear from design and proofing to production and processing, but underwear processing seems simple. In fact, it involves all aspects, including materials, manufacturing, dyeing, inspection and other links. Today, let's talk about underwear processing and proofing.

About the underwear processing, especially for the first-time customers, the newly opened samples, or the processing of incoming samples, etc. need to be proofed before production and processing. I believe everyone understands the importance. There are two main purposes of proofing before underwear processing. First, for the sake of safety and insurance, to verify whether the sample clothes made by the underwear factory meet the requirements of the guests, because there are many uncertain factors before the underwear processing and production. Improve. Another major reason is to calculate the cost of underwear processing well and give customers a reasonable price.

However, in the actual operation of underwear processing and proofing, there are often many details that need to be communicated with customers. Because it is proofing, the quantity is only one piece or two. If the quantity is small, purchasing raw materials, accessories, and dyeing will face many inconveniences, because many customers need to customize the original raw materials and accessories, which is difficult in the market. Bought the exact same one. The common materials on the market are generally black and white. And proofing, of course, the customer hopes to be exactly the same as the original (including color, accessories, etc.). And it is difficult for material suppliers to customize one or two accessories, so many times, for a piece of underwear processing and proofing, we will repeatedly communicate with customers, whether the color of accessories can be replaced by a certain color, some customers understand it is okay to say, no Understandable, it is true that for those of us who have been in contact with underwear for a while, communication is very troublesome.

Therefore, underwear processing and proofing generally speaking, for the points that customers need to change, it is necessary to find a person who understands underwear processing and underwear manufacturers in the early stage. materials, price system, etc. Communicate clearly, which ones are replaced by others in the early stage, and which ones can be specially customized in the later stage, and the customer's concerns about underwear and the points that need to be solved. After doing this, you can tell the customer that you can do it, otherwise, especially for those who have charged underwear processing and proofing fees, it will be very difficult and laborious to communicate.

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