Ingor Knitting re-discuss whether the underwear factory should charge the proofing fee?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-06-02
ingorsports, a manufacturer specializing in seamless underwear in Guangzhou for 17 years, the underwear factory will ask the customer to make a sample first, whether it is a sample or a drawing to process the underwear factory. The importance of internal and processing proofing is naturally self-evident. When you find an underwear factory to customize women's underwear and find ingorsports, you will ask the question about the proofing fee of the underwear factory. So, should the underwear factory be charged for helping customers to proof? How much is reasonable? ingorsports seamless underwear factory believes that in principle, it should be accepted, and it must be accepted.

Why do underwear manufacturers charge for underwear proofing fees?

I have been engaged in underwear processing from ingorsports seamless underwear factory for 17 years, and I have contacted thousands of customers. For underwear processing and proofing, ingorsports regards this fee as a kind of intentional payment for cooperation between the two parties. We don't charge for the sample fee, it's just a threshold. In fact, we know that proofing requires a lot of cost for underwear factories, designing styles, modeling processes, and the salary of senior designers in underwear factories. The treatment is very high. All women's underwear is processed, dozens of processes, and it takes a few days to complete. The raw materials, accessories procurement, machine manufacturing, dyeing, shrinking, cutting, sewing and other processes, every process. It's not sloppy, so the whole calculation, like our ingorsports underwear factory, the proofing fee is only 500 yuan per model, which is not enough for the cost.

What's more, like the proofing fee charged by our ingorsports underwear factory, we will refund it to you as the payment for the large-scale production in the later stage. It is still equivalent to free proofing. Some customers bargain, and some underwear factories only charge 300 yuan. Why do you charge 500 yuan? In fact, the reason is clear, why bother with 300 yuan or 500 yuan? To put it more bluntly, it's not about money at all that you struggle with. There are many old customers who we have cooperated with for a long time without charge and free proofing, because we know that he will definitely have orders in the future, which is based on mutual trust.

In fact, the underwear factory is proofing for a double insurance. One is to see whether the quality of bulk goods can meet customer requirements during the production and processing of underwear factories, and to inspect the production and processing process of bulk goods; the other is to calculate costs and provide customers with reasonable quotations, because women's underwear processing, especially seamless underwear processing, requires accounting The price is calculated according to the knitting time and the weight of the materials.

Should the underwear factory be charged for the proofing fee? ingorsports thinks it must be paid. If there is no charge at all, many customers will say that underwear proofing is a child's play. Anyway, they don't need to spend money and take risks. This will greatly occupy the vast resources of the underwear factory, and it is unfair to those customers who really need underwear processing. ! There are no rules and no circles, and prevent some 'spoilers' from proofing for proofing!

If you are looking for an underwear manufacturer and want to customize women's underwear, you are welcome to consult ingorsports, a manufacturer specializing in seamless underwear for 17 years! Class A enterprise! Consulting QQ: 2083574942

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