Ingor knitting e-commerce develops by leaps and bounds, underwear factory builds exclusive ERP system

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-06-01
It is difficult to become a system without methods and effective tools, and it is difficult to become bigger and stronger without a system. Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports has been a manufacturer of seamless underwear for 17 years. In terms of strength and scale of underwear factory, it occupies a certain market share in the underwear processing industry. With the rapid development of e-commerce of ingorsports underwear factory, we have created an exclusive ERP system for underwear factory in response to the needs of the season.

ingorsports e-commerce network camp has developed rapidly under the personal supervision of the underwear factory's general manager Wang, especially in the second half of this year, the Ali platform, as well as the underwear factory's official website online and offline O2O combination, many customers find us through the Internet. , Buying our products, with the increase of business volume, a series of problems such as stocking, shipping, returning, and printing orders in the factory warehouse is a relatively large workload, and it also involves the collaboration of multiple people in the team, so management and It is a very troublesome problem to check the delivery quantity, transaction amount, advance payment, and inventory inventory of the warehouse every month.

In order to effectively manage the e-commerce work situation of the factory, the underwear factory introduced the Wangdiantong ERP system of a software company in Hangzhou under the recommendation of a friend. Warehouse, sales, outbound, printing, etc. are fully connected. Make sure that the underwear factory has a well-documented warehousing and a chapter can be found when it comes out of the warehouse. This greatly saves the workload of the e-commerce personnel of the underwear factory, and also effectively ensures the correctness of the online sales of the e-commerce department of the underwear factory and the correctness of various data such as storage, storage, return and exchange.

Indeed, if underwear factory e-commerce network marketing wants to achieve good results, it must have a set of system to complete it. E-commerce network marketing is to use Internet tools to help enterprises achieve the purpose of doing business online. In the Internet age, various information updates and changes are too fast, so underwear factories must be scientifically managed and the application of advanced tools can effectively do this. .

ingorsports, as a Guangzhou underwear manufacturer for 17 years, has produced high-quality and high-quality women's underwear products that are deeply loved by customers. For e-commerce network marketing, online customer experience is very important, so efficient and error-free service to good customers is also this The times have a minimum requirement for the processing industry of underwear factories. Ingorsports Underwear Factory insists on keeping pace with the times. When using efficient Internet tools, it also applies the exclusive ERP system to serve our customers more conveniently.

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