Ingor Knitted Underwear Factory's new publicity is broadcast live for the first time, with more than 2,000 people interacting online

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-06-02
In today's Internet era, live streaming has become one of the most popular methods nowadays. Ingorsports, a factory specializing in seamless underwear in 17 years, participated in the online live broadcast for the first time to promote the newly developed 2017 autumn and winter new women's underwear, autumn and winter pants, which are about to be launched into the market. More than 2,000 people interacted online, and the first battle was successful.

ingorsports underwear factory Now e-commerce network marketing is also in full swing, as more and more information about the strength and product information of underwear factory is spread on the Internet, more and more customers find underwear factory ingorsports through the Internet, quickly The most direct way to launch and market the new women's underwear, autumn clothes and long pants in the 2017 autumn and winter of the underwear factory is to use the Internet.

With the rise of online live broadcast, many underwear factories are opening live broadcasts, live broadcast of company products, factory strength, etc., and interact with customers online. As the leader of Guangzhou underwear processing industry, ingorsports underwear factory also began to try to promote the company's 2017 new women's underwear through the Internet. After half a month of preparation, registration and review, 18 new models were selected. It is also ready to be launched into the market in the second half of 2017.

This live broadcast was also planned and completed by the underwear factory's manager Duan in charge of Ali's operations, and completed by the underwear factory's store sales beauty and Ali customer service staff Miss Li. For the first live broadcast of the underwear factory, everyone is full of expectations, and at the same time, there are some apprehensions. Duan, the manager of Ali's underwear factory, comforted everyone with a smile: 'It's okay, I'm in a normal state of mind. We mainly display the products of our underwear factory. In addition, in the past 10 days, we have also done some promotion through the platform. The company also gave strong support for this live broadcast. We treat it with a normal attitude and do a good job of explaining the product functions and performance, and the rest can rest assured...'

Then the Knitting Underwear Factory is offering the biggest discount in history to customers in this live broadcast. All new women's underwear products launched will be free of charge, no matter how many pieces are taken, and a set of fashionable women's underwear will be offered for purchases over 200 yuan. Our agent can become our VIP agent customer. In the future, as long as ingorsports new products are purchased online from our underwear factory, they will receive a 5% discount.

With the live broadcast of the underwear factory starting at 14:00 in the afternoon, more and more customers have watched the new products launched by ingorsports through the live video, and they have doubts about the customer such as whether it will pilling, how is the elasticity, and the underwear factory sales The staff carried out a demonstration of peeling and pulling force on the spot; the sales staff of the underwear factory also answered one by one when the customer asked about the style and size.

The live broadcast of the underwear factory lasted for nearly an hour, attracting more than 2,000 people to interact online, and Chengcheng signed more than 50 customers, and the growth amount was nearly 10,000 yuan. Let customers understand the products of our ingorsports underwear factory more intuitively, and the customers are still not satisfied. They also ask when will we officially introduce our underwear factory next time. The whole process of knitting will be broadcast live, and we look forward to your attention.

The successful first battle of the underwear factory's live broadcast has also been affirmed by President Wang of the underwear factory, which has greatly increased the confidence of the e-commerce personnel of the underwear factory. Good products, good word of mouth, and then spread out through new channels, let you have a more comprehensive understanding of the powerful underwear manufacturer ingorsports.

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