Ingor Knitted Underwear Factory officially signed a contract with to set up a marketing website

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-06-02
In the previous 17 years of seamless knitted underwear factory + Internet, it is said that ingorsports underwear factory will increase its efforts to adapt to the trend of the times and develop e-commerce network marketing in 2017. Today, the underwear factory officially signed a contract with, a 9-year-old website building company, to set up a marketing website.

After a small test in 2016, the underwear factory received more than 3 million orders from the Internet a year through a platform of Alibaba.

In 2017, the underwear factory Wang wants to further expand the network channels, so that more people who are looking for underwear factory processing will find us ingorsports. Mr. Wang has been trained and studied by a professional network marketing company, combined with the current situation of the underwear factory, and made an initial positioning of the future network channel development of the underwear factory. It is divided into two parts:

One is that the underwear factory has a certain amount of inventory, so it will continue to be done with the mature Alibaba platform; the other is that the underwear factory has processing orders, and underwear OEM processing, so how to make the underwear factory who is looking for custom orders? Block customers find us ingorsports, a well thought out corporate website is a good choice. And the corporate website can more comprehensively start the popularity of the underwear factory.

Many years ago, our ingorsports underwear factory also built a website, but this website is a simple template website, which cannot fully display the real situation of our underwear factory. Therefore, Mr. Wang decided to find a more specialized website construction company. After re-organizing the positioning and understanding from various parties, he finally chose to cooperate with with 9 years of experience in website construction. After a series of planning, today the underwear factory officially signed a contract with , to create a marketing website for the company to display the actual situation of the underwear factory in a more comprehensive and unique way.

In the future, ingorsports underwear factory will combine traditional storefronts, exhibitions, Alibaba, corporate websites, and other platforms to show the true strength of our underwear factory to customers! In the future, ingorsports underwear factory will take off again under the leadership of President Wang.

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