ingor knitted underwear factory analyzes such a scene that stimulates users' demand for women's underwear

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-15
Nowadays, women's underwear is full of both online e-commerce platforms and offline physical stores, but it is not difficult to find that some women's underwear products introduced by underwear factories are not bad in terms of technology and design, but they are not available. Recognized by both the market and consumption, while other similar women's underwear products are selling well, what is the reason for the difference?

We also often find such a situation, the same women's underwear products, some discounts are used, but the effect is still not good. Some can be sold at very high prices, why is this? In fact, one of the important reasons for this is whether there is a well-designed scenario for customers to use the product.

Indeed, the demand scene of women's underwear is very important. Smart merchants will work hard to find scenes and attract customers' attention. Especially on some e-commerce platforms, many merchants do everything possible to introduce professional models to shoot specific scenes, so that consumers can see the scene map At the time, there is a kind of imagination in my mind, and I have a feeling of being brought in, imagining that I am what this model looks like in this scene, which arouses the desire to buy.

Let's go back and sort out what is the use scene of women's underwear?

Take our ingorsports main sports underwear as an example. So in what scenarios do users of sports women's underwear produced by ingorsports generally use our products?

Of course it's sports! Yes, it is used in sports scenarios, but have you ever thought that sports can be divided into many kinds, such as outdoor sports such as running, mountain climbing, etc.; and indoor sports such as yoga clothes for women sports. With so many different sports, where are the needs or demands of users?

So this makes us have to think: underwear manufacturers or merchants must start from the user's experience scene, and then go back to solve technical problems. Therefore, first of all, the designers or merchants of our underwear factory should think carefully about where and in what scenarios will users use this sports women's underwear.

So how to design the use scene of women's underwear?

In fact, as long as the word 'scene' is separated, it is the scene and the scene. The 'field' is the concept of time and space. Users can stay and consume and use our women's underwear products in this space. For example, some online e-commerce platforms and some offline physical stores.

Scenes are situations and interactions. When users stay in a certain time and space, there must be situations and interactions to trigger users' emotions, and then use our women's underwear products. As an underwear manufacturer and underwear designer, you need to consciously build a 'field' + 'scenery

Therefore, in order to stimulate users' demand for women's underwear purchases, we cannot simply start from the price. For example, we can also deeply explore the real needs of users from the aspects of women's underwear quality, experience, scene and social interaction, so as to meet the basic needs and respect needs of customers. , Self-actualization needs increase.

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