In defense of a double D

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-10-03
My roommate\'s bra hangs quietly on the door handle in the bathroom.
This is a little calm thing.
All the lace and thin straps linger like underwear.
Even her black bra is innocent.
Its pure fabric only says sweet things.
I look at the monster I just pulled down.
There was a big smile in the Cup.
Instead of hiding the secret, my bra made some big words out loud: Mom and sportsmanship.
Its attempt at femininity-an off-
Shades of pink, little bow-
Completely unconvincing
I saw less cloth in my sweater.
I look into my naked assets.
They really don\'t have a good name: \"breast\", \"chest\", \"breast \"---
The names are either too clinical or funny.
Although the size is large, I am not the magic pneumatic sphere that I have in the comics
The heroine in the book, but they also did not drooping near my navel.
Their top is tilted down and the bottom is bent up from the rest on my rib cage.
Most of the middle is controlled by my nipples, which usually stretch a lot and relax, but just touch the bath water to get noticed.
When I relax, my breasts float on the water like bath toys.
I don\'t want to play today.
I\'m thinking about deleting them today.
Men may be taken away, and some women may have larger breasts implanted, but at the end of the day, having a big chest can be a great pain. (
No, I\'m not talking about physical discomfort.
At least for now, that\'s not a problem. )
I tried the dress and there was no button in front to close it.
I borrowed my friend\'s \"cute\" top and it came out on me.
\"I\'m wearing a loose T-shirt.
The shirt and breast occupied my entire torso.
I wore a fitting one.
The worker commented.
Don\'t let me start buying bras.
From the point of view of choice, bra designers seem to think that after 1950, no woman with a double D was born.
The device they created was designed to maximize a person\'s image by squeezing the milk into a strange Estelle Getty
The Esque cone, or try to minimize the cleavage with a device that pushes the breast all the way into the underarm.
Wearing a sports bra can lead to uncomfortable and unflattering uniboob look-
A huge piece of meat, a piece of Ayers rock rising from the box. \"Full-
The bra is modern-
Bodice: the straps stretch the width of the shoulder, hold half of the back, and have enough constructive devices to support a small bridge.
Sleeveless vests and any neckline that dares to dip under the collarbone are strictly prohibited.
Of course, I have a choice.
With the help of modern technology, I can solve all this.
I allow myself to consider these possibilities.
How good it is to fit into what I like instead of having my cup size define what suits me.
I can wear a bra with a button on my wrist and even feel comfortable without wearing a bra.
In the United States, there are about 70,000 breast reduction operations each year.
Jones, Rosanne bar, Kim Fields, and others (formerly)
Many celebrities have publicly praised the advantages of surgical reset.
I have read interviews with some women who swear that reducing their shelves will lower their self
Raise their sense of selfconfidence.
I know at least three women who have had surgery.
No one of them expressed regret.
I stood in front of the mirror and pushed them flat.
Will my waist look bigger? Will my shoulder be more straight? I will leave a huge scar or I will miss the cleavage and it is undeniable that I am telling my friend that I am thinking about finding a job.
Their support is consistent and unwavering.
They know that I have considered it before, and they have heard the happy will of a friend who has done it.
They are good friends and support me more than when I was the highest. tech bra.
But I couldn\'t sleep that night.
I put my breasts between my arms and my chest.
Slowly, I realized that I was hurt. I\'m angry.
I was angry and everyone, including me, thought the reason why I wanted a small chest was as simple as wearing a small bra.
Even if there was a storm when I was walking, my friend wouldn\'t allow me to complain that my thighs were too fat.
Knowing that I am healthy and active, they will say that I am stupid, tell me that I am beautiful and ask me to overcome it.
So when my friends give me their loud recognition of breast reduction, why do they agree that my chest is big enough to guarantee a surgical resection, which I think means \"yes, you\'re right. they\'re so powerful.
\"I\'m not saying my friend should lie and pretend I\'m a B-
Cups, but if they announce unnecessary reductions and tell me to overcome it, I will fight my insecurities faster and eliminate the slaughter of my breasts.
Why is breast reduction recognized by society, while liposuction and tummy are still considered futile
It would be one thing if I complained about my breasts causing chronic back pain or other physical discomfort.
However, my discomfort with breast size is basically a problem of psychological discomfort and general inconvenience.
For me, breast reduction is basically cosmetic surgery.
I have a mole and people always make excuses for the ink on my face.
My skin is easy to tan.
Again, my breasts bear T-shirts.
Fuck it, I\'ll miss them if they\'re taken away.
I like the power they get.
I love the fact that they fill in the T-shirt that fits. shirts.
I like how they do magic to the people around me as if they are doing magic or singing siren.
Temptation is an easy thing. I don\'t wear V-
My neck on my navel, but I don\'t wear muumuus either.
I have no objection to anyone reducing her shelf.
I don\'t know what to give to another woman. confidence.
But, regardless of size, authorization should not depend on the size of a person\'s donation.
In the morning, I walked naked from the bed to the closet.
I took a closer look at the quality of the material and picked out my red bottom line.
I shortened the straps and pulled my kids high.
I still have a desire for the comfort of my roommate\'s little bra.
But my own breasts are perched there, reflecting to me in the mirror, squeezing each other like allies.
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