In 2017, Guangzhou underwear factory talked about women's underwear to map and process those things

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-26
Drawing and processing women's underwear is a big challenge for many underwear factories, especially when many customers send only a model picture without any explanation, so the underwear factory is required to proof according to the drawing. Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports has been specialized in 17 years. As a manufacturer of seamless knitted women's underwear, we support women's underwear with samples and drawings or underwear factories to select samples and customize. Today, let's talk about the processing of women's underwear.

ingorsports 17 years Guangzhou underwear manufacturer, with an annual output of 12 million pieces, the underwear factory not only has a strong production capacity, but also has a strong R u0026 D team, 7 underwear R u0026 D designers for 18 years, daily launch of new women's underwear 8- 10 models. Because of this, many customers find some underwear style pictures and hope that the underwear factory can produce exactly the same style of women's underwear, ingorsports can! It is also subject to proofing experiments.

When it comes to women's underwear proofing, it is also for the sake of better insurance, because different machines, different personnel operations, different materials, and different underwear factories may produce different products.

Today, we received foreign guests who came to the underwear factory for proofing some time ago to visit the underwear factory. After the client arrived at the underwear factory, he took out the sample clothes we made and began to complain that our underwear factory was irresponsible, and we did not let people try the good samples. Send it to him.

We are very puzzled, this sample is a model picture that the customer got on another website, and sent it over, hoping that we can help him produce it. During the communication process at that time, we also asked the customer in detail about this sample to be produced. There is no product in kind, material, size, etc., if the customer says no, let us design and produce according to the picture. For the sake of safety, we still let the designer make a sample first, and let the customer confirm it before discussing the production.

After the production of the sample clothes, we also put them on the model to see, although there are some differences, but they are very close, so we sent them to the customer. The client asked his wife to try it on, and found that some parts were wrinkled. We then compared the picture of his wife wearing it with the sample model picture he provided before. Obviously, the body of the two people is very different, and it is impossible to wear them completely. become the same. As shown below:

This also reminds me that in today's Internet age, many MMs like to buy some clothes online. Some merchants on online shopping platforms set some scenes and invite some models to wear them in order to better display the effect of wearing products. Then MMs shop online. At the same time, a scene will be formed in my mind, and I will unconsciously imagine myself as a model, what it looks like when I wear it, and finally I buy it home, and it does not look like a model when I wear it.

A suitable women's underwear, ingorsports not only pays attention to the simple 'similarityWhen ingorsports designs imitations, it pays attention to first achieve the 'similar shape

Simple 'similar shape' is also a big challenge for designers of underwear factories. Thinking about it, you don't know the size or the proportion of details. You can only estimate the lady with the eyes of the designer. The proportions of each detail of the underwear. After I made the sample clothes, I also hoped that the guests could point out the shortcomings and further improve some details.

For samples and drawings, the underwear factory ingorsports will first confirm the samples for customers, and then officially produce. The proofing process is also a process of mutual cooperation and constant revision and improvement. No designer and that underwear factory can completely guarantee. , a model picture, one time proofing can be exactly the same, exactly the same.

Cooperation, our underwear factory pays attention to a win-win situation! Everyone respects and understands each other from a mutual perspective, and our underwear factory is also willing to listen to your guidance!

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