In 2017, Guangzhou underwear factory ingor knitting has many highlights

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-27
We often say: 'The forest is big, and there are all kinds of birds!' As a very traditional manufacturing industry, underwear processing has many production and processing procedures and requires more personnel. It is not easy to manage an underwear factory. Underwear manufacturers can hire a A professional management elite is even more difficult. Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports has been a manufacturer of seamless underwear for 17 years. It has more than 350 employees and has an annual production capacity of 12 million pieces of seamless underwear for women. This is how the management of the ingorsports underwear factory operates.

At the end of each year, ingorsports will convene all the management and employees of the underwear factory to hold a general meeting to set the overall goal of the underwear factory for the next year. Efforts to improve self-awareness of quality requirements.

The specific implementation of the underwear factory needs to be carried out. Before each underwear processing, the first piece inspection must be carried out according to the implementation standards and customer requirements. The first piece inspection shall be carried out by the supervisor and technician of the process. The former members of the IPQC phase jointly participate in the signature confirmation.

The quality management of the underwear processing process is based on the strict standard of 'not accepting defective products, not manufacturing defective products, and not letting go of defective products'. In each process, each employee must clearly understand their responsibilities.

ingorsports For 17 years, through a large number of underwear processing practices, the operation instructions suitable for underwear factories have been formed. There are standards and supervision. The quality of underwear processing requirements of customers is implemented without discount. Every underwear factory employee is also aware of the quality of underwear processing. It is manufactured, not tested. For those employees who take the initiative to self-check and have good quality, give corresponding rewards, and firmly say 'no' to 'almost, probably, like...'! Those behaviors like 'the reason is not clear, the responsibility is not clear, the measures are not in place, the implementation is not implemented' are absolutely rejected!

Because underwear processing involves a lot of manual work and many personnel, the underwear factory ingorsports also established a quality department many years ago, with relevant IPQC inspection standards, focusing on 'checking and receiving data, controlling and preventing variation, and histogram display. The basic principles of distribution, Placing focus, dispersing to find correlation, level to find differences, and characteristics to find the root cause” are the basic principles to find problems, and propose corresponding preventive mechanisms.

The underwear factory ingorsports has introduced Japan's 5S management rules many years ago, and the factory has also passed the third-party ISO9001 certification. of security incidents.

Because ingorsports has a perfect system, over the years, ingorsports underwear factory has been loved by many customers, and it has performed classic stories one by one!

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