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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-03
The principle of custom-made work clothes [the principles to be followed for custom-made work clothes] Most companies in today's society will customize work clothes for their employees, which may be T-shirts, polo shirts, shirts, uniforms, etc. When custom-made work clothes, people like to make work clothes It is fashionable and can even be regarded as fancy, but work clothes are work clothes after all. They are not as casual as college students' group clothing customization, nor can they be as casual as ordinary clothes, so some principles must be followed. When enterprises carry out color management and matching for work clothes, they must adhere to the“three-color principle”, to balance the colors. The main principle requirements are: hats, ties, shoes and socks, including the work clothes themselves, and the clothes worn with the work clothes should be limited to three colors in total. Can not do a lot of colors! In this way, the effect of color matching can achieve the best configuration. Specifically, when business people wear work clothes, it is not necessary to have two colors all over the body. One color can not be considered less, but it should not be more than three colors. Otherwise, the color of the whole body will be messed up, giving people a very unstable feeling. Thus affecting your image in the eyes of customers or bosses. obey“three-color principle”, mainly to reflect the overall style of business people simple and generous. Specifically, in the process of customizing work clothes, there are two points to keep in mind: First, when using two or three colors, it is best to make one of the colors white. Second, whether it is two-color or three-color, do not match them in equal proportions, but focus on them. If you choose work clothes next time, please remember“three-color principle“, to avoid too fancy Oh! Different from ordinary casual sportswear manufacturer, work clothes should strive to be a single color and darker in wearing and matching. Under normal circumstances, in a set of work clothes, it is best to use the same color for the top, trousers or skirt. If it is not a special requirement of the industry, do not choose colorful ones! Considering some reasons such as solemnity and stain resistance, work clothes usually use darker colors, avoiding light colors, flower colors or bright colors. According to the routine, the colors available for business people on the market that meet the above requirements are generally concentrated in blue, gray, brown, and black. So we see people on the street wearing group clothes, and the colors are concentrated in these types! The blue of the work clothes is serious, the gray is the prudence, the brown is the elegant, and the black is the noble.“basic color“. Finally, to sum up: the principles to be followed in the process of customizing and selecting work clothes are“three-color principle”
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