i\'ve been wearing a bra since i was 3

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-28
Last week, ABC\'s \"Good Morning America\" played a video on teen bodysuit and \"spankies\", a mini version of those choking bellies
Flat, not perfect
Masking underwear used by adult women under the body
Clothing and the like.
According to news reports, American teenagers use plastic clothes for the same reason as their mothers: hide those
Called Imperfect
In addition to the fact that this new trend is harmful to the child\'s health and may lead to various problems ranging from bladder infection to nerve damage, a teenager\'s comment sums up the same terrible things: \"You got the training bra and then you got the Spanx.
\"The idea that shaping clothes is a necessity for girls is becoming more and more disturbing.
This suggests that young girls are internalizing the idea of a \"perfect body\" to such a degree that it has become a natural goal. e.
When I grow up, I will not only have breasts, but also defects that need to be hidden.
When I was three years old, I started wearing a training bra, not because I needed one, not because I was myself.
Because I think the bra is beautiful.
I remember my mother and I went to the department store to help her choose bras, black, lace and silky;
They fascinated me.
I remember I told her that I wanted a bra and picked a cute blue bra that was too big for me.
After all, I\'m only three years old.
I was sleeping with my camper and I only really used it when I was five years old.
I even use it as a crop top (
After all, after 90! ).
It is natural for the little girl to want to imitate their mother, just like the image of the little girl in her mother\'s huge high heels that is always lovely.
My mom never forced me to wear a bra.
I only wear it when I want.
Like other little girls, I started wearing real training bras when I was around 11.
The problem is that I learned to think of bras as costumes that celebrate female identity, not something that links me to what particular image a woman should be.
I don\'t think it means you have to wear a bra to be a woman, but I believe the bra is made for a woman (
All kinds of women)
It is worth celebrating.
Most bras are made to support and increase a certain level of comfort and safety.
Spanx is made to smooth the body of a woman, most women (
At least what I know.
Once they get home, peel themselves off them and give a long breath.
It\'s sad to see young girls think they have to stick to some sort of female image that is equivalent to perfection.
I\'m not saying it\'s not good.
I mean, when girls think it\'s natural to wear a plastic body (
Or a bra for this)
At such a young age, the miracle of childhood becomes internalized into what it means to women, which may be dangerous.
Let\'s take a look at some of our team\'s childhood style secrets!
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