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i tried wearing fake boobs and here\'s what happened

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-23
Fashion site the Coveteur asked me to try four \"fake\" beauty products a few weeks ago (
Think chicken chops and false eyelashes)
Then let me record the experience of wearing them all day.
As you can imagine, as a girl with very little makeup, not to mention a fake chest. . . interesting.
This is what happened when I went. fake-
Everything since my 14 year old chest stopped growing . . . . . . Sliced chicken cupcake gel bra insert
To be fair, they never really started to grow.
I have accepted my-cups.
Unless trying to fill my bra with off-failedbrand, rash-
Induction of fragrant tissue (
I don\'t think I need to tell you this is a failure)
I always wear a sports bra and call it a day.
I just want to say that it\'s a bit beyond my comfort to try these fake chicken chops.
I decided to try them out on the weekend and wear them to a bar
Cut the shirt and see if the big chest really offers better service.
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