i bought my dream sports bra with the help of this online service

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-08
Find a comfortable but supportive sweat-
A tight sports bra is a challenge.
It seems impossible when you are bigger than the C cup.
Is it cute if you want a 36 code?
Forget it.
I \'ve been wearing ugly or almost useless bras for the last five years, and have accepted that this is what I do: frumpy bras with support, or cute bras and pain.
So when the online bra boutique Brayola asked me to test their bra --
I was skeptical and suggested service. . . but intrigued.
Here\'s how it works: On the Brayola home page, you answer a series of questions about the bra you are currently wearing (
Including how it fits you).
Then, Brayola generates a list of regular and sports bras you might like based on crowdsourcing data from other women.
You choose your favorite (s)
Hope is the best.
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In the category of \"supported but not friendly)
, I picked three out of Brayola\'s suggestions that seem to check all the necessary boxes.
After five days they arrived in a hard-to-describe plastic package and I quickly ripped the package so I could take part in the first trial run.
I\'m wearing a sports bra in Wacoal sports underwear ($65)
Go to dance class
I\'m attracted to this bra because it has thick straps. than-average band.
The underwear structure of the bra is exposed and I find it a little strange.
But the nylon/spandex material is very comfortable and breathable.
Usually, I feel the need to take off my bra the second time I go through my door after exercise, but I don\'t have that urge on this bra.
The straps and straps worked as well as I expected and my chest felt safe throughout the class.
The Brayola shopper gave this bra 4.
There are 5 out of 5 stars so I know I\'m not the only one to appreciate the various sizes and support fit.
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In terms of appearance, the purple-red pipe is an interesting color popular with my typical full
Fitness Equipment in black
The fabric is stronger and the diving suit is stronger.
Just like the huacoal bra, this makes it ideal for a cooler
Exercise in the weather.
But my favorite thing isWith a cushion.
Not only are they thick enough to better distribute weight on my shoulders, they also provide more padding than my usual sports bra --
So, when I threw hook and j punches in taekwondo class, there was no nasty digging.
The last bra I tried was the charm double layer custom sports bra ($57)
, Purple and duck with mesh details (pictured above).
For women in the Great Depression, the treadmill is the final Test of bra support;
As I stepped onto the machine, I was worried that my dream of finding the perfect bra was about to burst.
But I feel supportive and comfortable when I step up (
Even in the sprint! )
Thanks to the height of the brathan-
General neckline, base, thick straps and straps.
In addition, the straps can be adjusted from the front rather than the back, which adds a lot of convenience to the design of the bra.
My old Enell bra offers similar support and features.
But what sets the charm apart is the super cute style: it\'s really fun to wear --
And my favorite sports bra.
To get more fitness advice, sign up for the health center, and as a particularly vigilant bra shopper, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Brayola\'s three options are more than regular D-cup sports bra.
But the reason I suspect this service is so effective for me is that I already have a bra that I like.
If I don\'t answer the survey questions based on my past experience
I was wondering if Brayola\'s recs would meet my needs as they did.
Anyway, looking for my ideal sports bra without stepping into the store makes this often frustrating task even more fun.
If you buy your dream bra in the market, Brayola\'s service is worth a try.
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