hundreds of brides-to-be storm paramus store

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-24
This morning, when the basement of discount department store Filene received the first one in New Jersey --
Once \"bride run\" wedding dress sales.
With the gate of the Bergen downtown mall store suddenly opened at 8 in the morning. m.
Hundreds of hootin and howinin women, as well as the friends and family they brought, sold a string of wedding dresses to save thousands of dollars.
Took more photos in less than a minute, and the bare stripped off the shelf, as about 2,000 wedding dresses were carried into the aisle and soon tried on by scantily --clad brides-to-
Wear sports bras, shorts, tights or swimsuits.
\"It\'s unbelievable.
They are like piranha, \"said Kimberly Chuanming, Filene\'s manager, who is one of the store employees who anchor the shelves so they can stay upright during the attack.
Sales assistant Dennis Scott is a little too close to the action.
Her shirt was almost torn off and there was a tear on the top to prove it.
\"I hang on the shelf and someone grabs a dress and my shirt comes along with it,\" she said . \".
Named after the legendary \"bull run\" in Pamplona, Spain, filene\'s \"Bride race\" began about 60 years ago and is now held twice a year in Boston, also held in other cities including New York, Washington, D. C. C. , and Chicago.
Today is the first game in New Jersey.
\"I think it\'s crazy.
\"I like it,\" said the bride . \"to-
Nancy Kerper, 24, travels from her home in Philadelphia to the mall.
\"We just thought it was really interesting ,\"year-
Old sigsignorelli, who came all the way from Boston, missed the sale there.
\"I \'ve always been a bargain shopper and that\'s the epitome of it.
\"Not everyone is a fan, however.
\"There are too many people. they are rude,\" said Chloe Rice . \" She went to the auction with the bride --to-
Become a friend of Alicia glach, 24, of West Chester, Pa.
\"I had a dress in my hand and someone took it from me,\" she said . \" She described the attacker as the bride\"zilla.
\"Rice also doesn\'t think the concept of sales itself is so hot.
\"It\'s a really good idea for people with tight budgets,\" she said, \"but I don\'t think you should buy a wedding dress like that.
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