How underwear manufacturers can be small and refined should pay attention to these 3 points

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-28
In the past two years, with the development of e-commerce, many underwear manufacturers have found that the orders for underwear production and processing are getting smaller and smaller, but the number of underwear production and processing orders is getting smaller and smaller, but the delivery time of underwear production is getting faster and faster, which also requires underwear. Manufacturers must have a rapid response mechanism, including front-end design proofing, material procurement, and back-end production and processing must be able to coordinate seamlessly. In particular, don't commit the disease of a big company. There are many links in the middle of asking for instructions and signing, which leads to low efficiency. Everyone is in charge of something, and the parts that have problems blame each other, which eventually leads to the loss of customer orders. How can underwear manufacturers be small and precise, flexible and fast? ingorsports believes that we can start from these three aspects.

First, the production process is optimized and systematized.

With the rapid development of society, many underwear manufacturers are fighting for efficiency. If underwear manufacturers want to be efficient, they must focus on the optimization, standardization and systematization of the production process. Those who have stayed in underwear manufacturers will know that in fact, the main reason for the delay in the delivery of underwear production is the preparation of materials in the early stage. Many productions reach a certain level and lack a certain material. , the delivery date is approaching again, the subsequent process is hurriedly rushing, and there may be a problem in a certain link, which eventually leads to the failure of delivery, especially the delay of foreign trade orders is very troublesome.

So, how should underwear manufacturers deal with the current situation of small and urgent customer orders, the department responsible for material procurement in the early stage must cooperate closely with the production and manufacturing department, coordinate and optimize the work arrangements for each time period, and make customer orders in advance Confirm the docking of business order data, and arrange corresponding follow-up and follow-up personnel to follow up in time.

Second, quantify the process and control the rhythm of each process.

Nowadays, most of the production operation mode of underwear manufacturers adopts the method of assembly line operation, and the underwear production and processing process is divided into one or two actions. This is efficient, saves time, and has much less machine efficiency . Therefore, this requires underwear manufacturers to pay attention to personnel deployment in the processing link. For example: a novice may be familiar with the process for a process, so the speed of proficiency will be much faster, then in the arrangement of process personnel, skilled workers should pay attention to interspersed with the novice, slow down the speed appropriately, and ensure that each process In order to achieve the optimal rhythm in time, some processes must not be piled up like a mountain, and some of them seem to be very idle.

Third, the layout of the production workshop of the underwear factory should also be reasonable.

Underwear manufacturers want high-efficiency production and processing, and it is also important to optimize the underwear processing production line separately. It is also important to reduce the change of intermediate personnel and move products up and down floors, which is also to ensure the speed of underwear production, processing and shipment.

Therefore, if underwear manufacturers want to be small and precise, they need to be flexible and fast. Whether it is production or communication with customers, we should be flexible and changeable. I also hope that the sharing of ingorsports underwear manufacturers today will be helpful to you!

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