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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-08-31
How to match sportswear to look good, in fact, there are certain principles to match clothes. From the perspective of human visual perception, how to match sportswear manufacturer to look good is not random. Today, the editor invited a well-known clothing matching teacher to teach you how to match clothes. The principle of color matching of sportswear and accessories: For example, navy blue clothing should be matched with a pure white scarf, which can not only keep the navy blue as refreshing as water, but also set off the red lips and black eyes of the face. Silver gray is a noble tone, you can choose a dark green or a big red scarf, so that the silver gray will not be dull and dull. Wear a red sweater, or a black scarf, so that the red is not too harsh, and it also makes the complexion appear whiter. The creamy white sweater can be matched with black trousers and a rose red scarf, which makes the plain light more elegant. For dark coats, wear bright scarves; for light-colored coats, wear plain scarves. About the principle of matching the color of sportswear according to body shape: Generally speaking, people with fat body should not wear red, yellow and white clothes. Because these three colors are bright in shades, they give you a sense of expansion and will make you look fatter. And thin people should not wear dark sports clothes. Because dark and dark colors give people a sense of contraction, it will make you appear more slender and weak. Tall people are best to choose brightly colored patterned fabrics, and the top and bottom should be the same color to make the body look slim. For people with short stature, it is best to choose vertical line clothing and use people's visual errors to increase the height of the body. The principle of matching the color of sportswear: it should be selected according to the principle of color matching. Generally speaking, only three colors can be used at most, and one of the colors is the best white to appear harmonious. If it is a combination of two contrasting colors, it is best to use one of the colors as the basis and the other as the color matching, and there should be a neutral color transition between the two colors. If the contrast between black and white is strong, gray transitions can be used, such as gray backpacks, belts, scarves, etc. If you use the same color combination, you should pay attention to the difference between the color and the color can not be too close or too far. It is best to have three levels of deep, medium and shallow. The collocation of less than three levels is relatively monotonous, and the combination of too many levels is too cumbersome. How to match sportswear to look good? Everyone has analyzed the matching of clothes at three different levels. In fact, as long as the above rules are followed, it is not difficult to match sportswear. The key is that it will be more difficult to match your own style. If you don't have a suitable summer sportswear, check out Ingor 's official website, there are tons of team sportswear to choose from! (customized team sportswear)
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