How to wear sports underwear is suitable, the secret that 90% of women don't know is hidden here

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-12
How to wear sports underwear is suitable, the secret that 90% of women don't know is hidden here

When female consumers are engaged in physical exercise or fitness, they often worry about what underwear to wear. Ordinary underwear bras cannot effectively protect the chest when exercising, which can cause chest damage and pain. So how to choose the sports underwear that suits you? Today we will talk about this topic together.

First of all, there are many different styles of sports bras to choose from, such as sports vests, sports bras, yoga clothes for women clothes, etc. The type of sports bra you choose depends on the intensity of your sports. When participating in high-intensity sports such as gymnastics, football, basketball, and aerobic dance, you need to wear a sports vest, which can quickly wick sweat and breathe. You can choose sports when participating in moderate and light sports such as cycling, bowling, yoga, golf, and walking. Bras or yoga clothes, simple and elegant, comfortable and convenient.

Sports underwear can effectively protect the breasts when women are engaged in sports, and it also feels very casual and fashionable. Therefore, many beauties who love beauty and sports now choose to wear sports underwear. And their focus is on shockproof effect, perspiration and moisture absorption, breathable and comfortable, beautiful and fashionable and so on. Ordinary underwear bras can only meet one or two requirements, while sports bras can fully meet the above requirements.

The difference between sports underwear and ordinary underwear is the choice of size. Sports underwear is generally divided into SML small, medium and large, so when choosing and buying sports underwear, it is best to try it on to experience the elasticity and fixing effect Fit or not is important. In addition, in terms of color selection, indoor sports generally recommend choosing light colors or white, while outdoor sports generally choose brighter colors.

Sports underwear often sweats when participating in sports, so pay attention to changing and washing frequently. It is best to change it once after exercising, so as to avoid sweat stains invading the underwear fabric and causing damage and shortening the service life of sports underwear. Another point to mention is that sports bras are designed to emphasize sports function rather than shaping or gathering effect, so they should not be worn for a long time and do not match well with other outerwear.

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