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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-09-09
In the daily matching process, some people who are not so perfect often have a lot of troubles, such as how to wear a sports suit for a fat upper body, how to wear a short one, and so on. If you are also a person who is not confident about your figure, have you found a suitable way to match sportswear suits in the face of these problems? For some people with fat upper body, how to match sportswear suits is quite troublesome, because if the matching is not good, it may make them look too bloated and uncoordinated. Therefore, how to wear sportswear suits for upper body fat is a very worthwhile study. Let's take a look at the secrets of how to dress for upper body fat. The upper body is simple, the lines are vertical, the splicing design of the lower body and the black sneakers completely move people's attention to your buttocks and slender legs. I think you are a beautiful woman with a hot body, and you will never notice whether there is any flesh on the upper body. . Note that the upper body and design should be relatively moderate, not too tight, and can not jump out. It's okay to be lighter on the basis of maintaining harmony with the lower body. suits with letter patterns have always been a popular element. The large sportswear sleeves completely cover the thick arms and lower abdomen, and the fragrant shoulders are slightly exposed, and there is also a small amount of fat. Of course, it is harmless and sexy. A complete set of sportswear suits are matched perfectly. After reading the above sportswear manufacturer suit matching methods, do you know what to do? In fact, more methods need to be obtained in daily dressing and matching, because practice is the only way to test the truth! For the method of how to wear a sportswear suit for upper body fat, the editor has talked about it here. If you have a better matching method, you are welcome to leave a message! (table tennis sportswear)
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