how to wear a cardio strap for women

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-22
When paired with transmitter, aerobic band-
Also called chest band-
Allow you to monitor your heart rate.
These heart rate monitors are usually equipped with watches that receive and display heart rate information.
Wearing the cardio belt properly allows you to get the most out of this device while monitoring your training and workout goals.
Ready to transmit although the principle of all brands and models of the heart rate monitor is usually the same, please refer to the description of the model for information on specific devices.
Most transmitters have electrodes on one side.
Wet these electrodes with saline solution or saliva.
This will ensure your device reads your heart rate accurately.
Read more: How does exercise affect your heart rate? Put the transmitter on the waist and fasten the aerobic belt.
Adjust the strap until it sticks to your waist.
Then, pull the strap up so that the transmitter is in the center right below the chest.
The straps should run evenly around the ribs under your breasts.
Your cardio belt needs to be tight enough so it doesn\'t move around while you\'re exercising.
However, it should not be too tight to interfere with your breathing.
Uncomfortable if you wear a sports bra while exercising, the straps should be placed under the bra so that the transmitter can keep in touch with your skin.
This placement can cause discomfort and skin irritation.
When you are used to wearing a heart rate monitor, some initial discomfort occurs.
If your skin continues to be stimulated by the straps, you may consider investing in a specially designed sports bra with a lower strap that can accommodate cardio straps.
With these bras, you can pass the straps through the specified holes on the bra and use the heart rate monitor normally.
Read more: Recommended exercise heart rate in order to use the cardio band effectively, you need to determine the target heart rate of the exercise.
The target heart rate varies depending on many factors, including age, fitness level, and training objectives.
There are many formulas to calculate the right heart rate area of your target.
Dr. introduced a method for estimating the work area of the heart
Philip Maffetone conducted a study focusing on high heart rate
High level athletes and amateurs
According to his research, he developed an optimal aerobic training formula that takes into account the age of the individual and the current level of fitness.
Use his formula to estimate your target aerobic heart rate, minus your age from 180.
This number is a good target heart rate if you exercise regularly and are in good health.
If you have never exercised seriously, or have been seriously ill recently, subtract 10 from this number.
If you are an inconsistent practitioner, or if you have a minor illness or injury recently, subtract 5 from this number.
If you are a competitive athlete, add 5 to this number.
After these calculations, you can get the target heart rate of aerobic training.
Consult your health care provider before starting your aerobic training program.
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