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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-08-30
Winter is coming, we all like to buy sportswear made of woolen fabrics, because they keep warm and they are very temperament to wear, so in recent years, woolen coats have become very popular and become the new favorite in the fashion industry. Some people who like to follow the trend Almost everyone buys one, and the editor is no exception, but how to wash clothes made of woolen fabrics? A hassle indeed. (Sports uniform) Cleaning method of woolen fabric clothing 1. Lay the woolen fabric coat neatly, then soak it in warm water of about 30 degrees with a thick towel, twist it a little, and put it on the woolen coat Then find a thin stick and tap lightly, the purpose is to let the dirt on the woolen coat run onto the hot towel, repeat it several times, and then hang the clean clothes in a ventilated place to dry. 2. Coats made of woolen fabrics should not be washed too frequently, otherwise it is easy to lose hair and deform. If possible, it is best to choose a professional dry cleaner for dry cleaning, which will have a better protective effect on the clothes. Maintenance of woolen fabrics: 1. Regularly clean the dust on the clothes: After the woolen clothes are worn, it is easy to get dust, so it is best to remove it as soon as possible. Once there is dust that is difficult to remove, it cannot be brushed. There is a special roller on the market for cleaning wool clothes, which is very effective in removing such dust. 2. Remove wrinkles: Woolen clothes give enough humidity to flatten the wrinkles on the clothes. You can adjust the steam iron to a low temperature and iron it at a distance of 1~2cm from the wool coat; you can also cover the clothes with a white towel before ironing, which will neither hurt the fabric fibers nor leave Iron marks. 3. Keep dry and prevent moths: The clothes you wear may absorb sweat stains from your body, so you should dry them in the shade in a well-ventilated place, and then put them away. If it is placed in the cabinet, it is recommended to put some desiccant to keep it dry. The above is the washing and maintenance method of woolen clothing shared by Ingor . If you have a woolen coat, hurry up and collect it. I believe this article will be very helpful in your future washing career. Recommended: basketball sportswear manufacturer
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