How to wash white clothes dyed blue? - Ingor Sportswear

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-18
White shirts are a professional item often worn by urban professional women. It is easy to get dirty white clothes if you are not careful at work. For example, accidentally let blue ink drip onto clothes, and white clothes are dyed blue. For the difficult-to-wash ink, it is a pity to throw away the white clothes. Is there a good way to easily remove ink stains from clothes? Yes, the answer is yes, let's find out together now! First, use soap to rub and clean the stains repeatedly. If the cleaning is still not clean, put a plate of hot water, add a few drops of vinegar, stir evenly, apply the hot water to the stains, and wash with water after repeated rubbing. At the same time add bleaching powder to bleach. The thing to remember in this method is: according to the texture of the clothes, the time of smearing should be accurate. For example, for clothes made of silk fabrics, using this method, the smearing time should not be long, and the clothes should be washed immediately after a little smear, so as not to damage the fabric of the clothes. (Gymnastics uniform) If the ink bottle is knocked over and the ink is very deep and thick, it will take some effort to clean it. Pick a few grains of rice, mix it with the paste and detergent and apply it to the ink, and rub it repeatedly with your fingers until the stain disappears. If the texture of the white clothes is cotton and linen, you can choose to mix them with hot water, soda and bleaching powder, soak the blue ink stained on the white clothes, rub and wash them. If you accidentally stain blue ink, the simple cleaning method after white clothes are dyed blue is: first scrub with water or detergent. If the cleaning is not clean, mix vinegar into hot water and apply it to the stain. But remember to use white vinegar because it is white clothing. (Admission uniform for the sports meeting) The above are several cleaning methods for white clothes after they have been dyed blue. I hope they can help you. In the cleaning process, friends, be sure to choose the correct cleaning method according to the fabric, otherwise the stains will not be cleaned but the clothes will be damaged, which will backfire.
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