How to Take Your BEFORE Photos

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-24
Whether you\'re doing cross fitness or live. COM\'s 8-
To keep in shape, keep in mind that it\'s not just the numbers on the scale you want to track.
Your \"before\" and \"after\" photos and sizes can better see your progress and achievements in achieving your goals.
Don\'t just believe me, though.
Check out the amazing \"before\" and \"after\" photos of Ashley donahu using LIVESTRONG.
COM\'s MyPlate lost 137 pounds!
But you can\'t have an amazing \"before\" and \"after\" conversion experience, unless you tighten now and take a picture of \"before!
Continue to read some tips on how to take the best photos.
Photos of Com members before and after weight loss si has been \"walking around\" and took photos in the summer of 2012 to prove that I participated twice
The monthly Beach fitness program test group and I lost 20 pounds in 60 days.
While I don\'t like to take my \"before\" photos, they do help motivate me through this program and they help to visually document the story of my fitness achievements.
Without them, 20 pounds had little effect on my appearance.
Even if your goal is to lose 10 pounds, you may surprise yourself in your physical transformation.
The Hands of Love may disappear, or the stomach dog may flatten.
Sometimes the photos show more than the numbers on the scale!
For example, you can see below that even my face looks different and better.
By the way, it\'s perfectly understandable not to smile in your \"before\" photo.
You may not be happy with what you look like.
The picture may be a wake-up.
Call to say you are not happy with what you see.
Or, you might be very happy with how you look now, which is great!
Not everyone starts with \"bad place.
\"It\'s still a good idea to take these photos so you can see evidence of your hard work and dedication.
Also, keep in mind that you don\'t need to show your photos to anyone.
You can keep them for yourself only.
Alternatively, you can stick them on the fridge as a motivation to eat properly and stay active.
Read more: 15 tips for real people who successfully lose weight 5 tips for perfect \"before\" photos.
Men should take photos in a swimsuit with shorts or no shirts, while women should wear bikini or fit fitness shorts and sports bras.
It\'s important to see your stomach, so don\'t suck your stomach in!
You may see the most obvious change in that field. 2.
Find a friend to take a picture for you, or use a tripod or automatic
Timer on camera.
A friend will be most helpful to your body in the frame, especially for photos taken from the back. 3.
Standing in front of a blank, ordinary
Colored walls, distracting or cluttered as little as possible.
You are the star here! 4.
Take multiple photos
Take at least one from the front, back and side.
You can even bend or pose for two extra moves if you want. 5.
Remember to take regular photos in the same location (
Even the same clothes)
: First day, 15 days, 30 days, 60 days, etc.
This makes it easier to see how your body changes.
Check out the video below for more tips and useful information, and watch more powerful participant Frankie and Sam show you how to take a picture of \"before.
Just remember to get these photos.
Trust me, it will feel very good to have photos of \"before\" and \"after\" and you can always keep those photos to remind yourself of that awesome fitness and/or weight --
The loss is completed.
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