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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-15
Everyone is immersed in various occasions every day, so sportswear is also easy to get dirty, but the maintenance of sportswear is also a very important part. The lighter the color of casual sportswear manufacturer, the easier it will be stained and stained. It is not easy to remove. The following is a brief introduction to the removal of chewing gum and watercolor from sportswear. How to remove watercolor stains, many painters often come into contact with watercolor, and inadvertently may splash ink on the surface of sportswear, which makes the painter very depressed. The removal method of watercolor stains is also relatively simple, because watercolor contains a certain glue substance, which is necessary to clean sportswear. Before soaking clothes in hot water, the temperature of the hot water is required to be extremely high. The hot water with a higher temperature can dissolve the gluey substances in the watercolor, and then change enough water to wash it with detergent. If the watercolor on the clothes is difficult to remove Hydrogen peroxide can be used to decompose the colloidal substances in it, and it should be avoided that the sportswear should be washed at the best time after being dyed with watercolor, otherwise it will be troublesome to wash afterward. How to remove watercolor from clothes How to remove chewing gum, the ingredients of chewing gum may be familiar to everyone, it uses edible gum and flavor, which is processed into hard form at the factory, and slowly melted into soft gum by chewing in the mouth. When chewing gum for fresh breath, it may accidentally stick to the sportswear. It is an embarrassing feeling, and the stickiness is much stronger than that in the mouth. The way to remove the chewing gum is to put the sportswear manufacturer with chewing gum on it. Freeze it in the refrigerator. After the chewing gum on the sportswear manufacturer is frozen until it is stiff, take it out and remove the chewing gum with a blade or other tool. After the chewing gum is automatically dried, remove it and wipe it with edible vinegar. It is also a good method to try. Ingor offers all kinds of custom sportswear, including casual sportswear, outdoor sportswear, water sportswear, volleyball wear, basketball wear and more!
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